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dr. Luigi Mele


Expertise: Microreactor for the live-imaging of nanoparticles

Alumnus of ECTM

Left in 2011

Now: FEI (Netherlands)

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Luigi Mele was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1979. In February 2004 he graduated (cum laude) in Electronic Engineering at University of Naples� (Italy). In his thesis he worked on the electrical and numerical characterization of lifetime control� techniques for the improvement of the trade-off between static and dynamic behavior of power diodes. He received the Ph.D. at the same University in March 2008.

His main research activity aimed at finding out how to tailor opportunely the minority carrier recombination lifetime in order to avoid the dynamic avalanche during the turn-off of the power diodes. He also worked on the optimization of the emitter collection efficiency in the solar cells with the Enea, in Portici (Italy).

Since March 2008 he has joined the Delft University of Technology as PostDoc Researcher, within the Laboratory of Electronic Components Technology and Materials, DIMES. His current research activity is on the redesign of a microreactor for the live-imaging of nanoparticles under industrial conditions.

Projects history

MEMS nanoreactors for atomic-scale microscopy of nanomaterials under industrially relevant conditions

MEMS nanoreactors are used to study chemical reactions in high-resolution microscopes

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