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  1. Advances in the electronics for cyclic voltammetry: the case of gas detection by using microfabricated electrodes
    Giorgio Pennazza, Marco Santonico, Luca Vollero, Alessandro Zompanti, Anna Sabatini, Nandeesh Kumar, Ivan Pini, William F Quiros Solano, Lina Sarro, Arnaldo D'Amico;
    Frontiers in Chemistry,
    Volume 6, pp. 327, 2018.

  2. A Platform for Mechano(-Electrical) Characterization of Free-Standing Micron-Sized Structures and Interconnects
    Angel Savov; Shivani Savov; Salman Shafqat; Johan Hoefnagels; Marcus Louwerse; Ronald Stoute; Ronald Dekker;
    Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 39, 2018.

  3. Ultra-thin Alumina and Silicon Nitride MEMS Fabricated Membranes for the Electron Multiplication
    Violeta Prodanović; Hong Wah Chan; W A van der Graaf; Lina Sarro;
    Volume 29, pp. 155703, 2018.

  4. A MEMS Actuator System for an Integrated 3-D Optical Coherent Tomography Scanner
    Aleksandar Jovic; Grégory Pandraud; Nuria Sanchez Losilla; Juan Sancho; Kirill Zinoviev; Jose Luis Rubio; Eduaro Margallo-Ballbas; Pasqualina M. Sarro;
    Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems,

  5. Quantum nondemolition measurement of optical field fluctuations by optomechanical interaction
    A Pontin; M Bonaldi; A Borrielli; L Marconi; F Marino; G Pandraud; GA Prodi; PM Sarro; E Serra; F Marin;
    Physical Review A,
    Volume 97, Issue 3, pp. 033833, 2018.

  6. Effects of Conformal Nanoscale Coatings on Thermal Performance of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
    Cinzia Silvestri; Michele Riccio; René H. Poelma; Aleksandar Jovic; Bruno Morana; Sten Vollebregt; Andrea Irace; Kouchi Zhang; Pasqualina M. Sarro;

  7. Carbon Nanotube Array: Scaffolding Material for Opto, Electro, Thermo, and Mechanical Systems
    Amir M. Gheytaghi; H. van Zeijl; S. Vollebregt; R.H. Poelma; C. Silvestri; R. Ishihara; G. Q. Zhang; P. M. Sarro;
    Innovative Materials,
    Volume 3, pp. 22-25, 2018.

  8. Kinetics of orbitally shaken particles constrained to two dimensions
    D. Ipparthi, T. A. G. Hageman, N. Cambier, M. Sitti, M. Dorigo, L. Abelmann, M. Mastrangeli;
    Physical Review E,

  9. Silicon Nitride MOMS Oscillator for Room Temperature Quantum Optomechanics
    Enrico Serra, Bruno Morana, Antonio Borrielli, Francesco Marin, Gregory Pandraud, Antonio Pontin, Giovanni Andrea Prodi, Pasqualina M. Sarro,; Michele Bonaldi;
    ArXiv preprint,

  10. System in package (SiP) technology: fundamentals, design and applications
    F. Santagata, J. Sun, E. Iervolino, H. Yu, F. Wang, G. Zhang, P. M. Sarro, G. Zhang;
    Microelectronics International,

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