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  1. Adhesion Improvement of Polyimide/PDMS Interface by Polyimide Surface Modification
    Shivani Joshi; Antonie van Loona; Angel Savov; Ronald Dekker;
    MRS Advances,
    Volume 1, pp. 33-38, 2016.

  2. Flexible/Stretchable Ultrasound Body Patches
    Shivani Joshi; Sourush Yazdi; Vincent Henneken; Rene Sanders; Ronald Dekker;
    In ICT.OPEN Conference,

  3. Conformable Body Patches for Ultrasound Applications
    S. Joshi; S. Yazadi; V. Henneken; R. Sanders; R. Dekker;
    In 17th IEEE Electronics Packaging Technology Conference,

  4. A post processing approach for manufacturing high-density stretchable sensor arrays
    A. Savov; S. Khoshfetrat Pakazad; S. Joshi; V. Henneken; R. Dekker;
    In IEEE Sensors,
    pp. 1703-1705, 2014.

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