MSc thesis examples

MSc Microelectronics

2020 Joshua Teye3D Robotic Ultrasound System
Yaqian ZhangExperimental study on electromigration by using Blech structure
Tim de RijkA 3D microelectrode array to record neural activity at different tissue depths
2019 Jiarui MoModelling, Design, and Fabrication of High-Temperature Compatible Vacuum Gauges in Silicon Carbide
Aoibhinn Larkin ReddingtonNoninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring: Left Ventricular Pressure-Volume Loop Reconstruction
Raghutham RameshaA Complete Overview on Realizing Transfer-free Graphene-based Differential Pressure Sensor
Roel StortelderLab-on-a-chip for individual cell response to light stimulation
Bart KootteOptimization of microporous PDMS membranes for Organ-on-Chip devices
Ziqiao HuangMEMS Switches Fabricated by Carbon Nanotubes with Silicon Carbide Coating
Alister KurmanbayDesign, fabrication and characterization of a MEMS-based microheater for a vaporizing liquid microthruster
2018 Rajarshi SinhaA CMOS process compatible Charge-modulated FGFET based ion-sensor for integration into Organ-on-Chip platforms
Diane WuFabrication and Reliability Study of Parylene-Ceramic Based Flexible Interconnects For Implantable Devices
Hanieh MastyaniIntegration of a local drug delivery system in a micro-fabricated Brain-on-Chip device
Arshaad Ishrat KanhaiFlexible parylene-platinum based electrodes and interconnects
Himabindu KopallyA new experimental approach to investigate the physics-of-failure of wirebond interconnects
Sander Van DijkIntroduction of Zener Diodes, JFETs and DMOSTs in a BiCMOS Process and Implementation of OTP Memory
Levar GoossensUltra-Thin Integrated Atomic Layer Deposition Alumina Electron-transparent Windows for Nanoreactor Applications
Sarat Shankar SinhaOptimization of LPCVD-SiNx Membranes for Micro-hotplate/Nano-reactors
Joost RomijnDesign and Integration of Graphene Sensors with Read-Out Electronics
Affan Kaysa WaafiFabrication and Characterization of PEDOT coated Microelectrodes Array for Organ-on-Chip Application
2017 Manvika SinghSuspended graphene membranes for electrostatically actuated graphene resonators
Dong Bin CaiFabrication and characterization of High aspect ratio MEMS Electrochemical Sensor
Shengtai ShiEffects of Silicon Oxides as Substrates for Graphene Gas Sensor
Shinnosuke KawasakiSilicon based device for smart assessment of cellular stiffness
Tianyi JinInvestigation On Viscoplastic Properties Of Au-Sn Die-Attach Solder
Michel Sebastiaan Van der KaayHigh Density Flexible Interconnect for Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments
Maryam Ahmadi NaminNano-copper paste filled vertical interconnects
2016 Sri Harsha AchantaWafer Level Packaging With Nano Metal Paste Interconnects For UV-C LEDs
Brahim El MansouriA Miniaturized Temperature Controlled Capacitive MEMS Transducer for MOF based Gas Sensing Applications
Shiva DaharA New Method For Fabrication of Medical Microfluidic Devices
James MugandaEmbedded MicroChannels and their Application in Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments
Ifigeneia ZachariouImplementation of a passive millimeter wave identification antenna on Kapton film for human presence detection
2015 Ramin BarakAddressing large-scale qubit arrays for quantum computer
Sotiris ThomasAn Evaluation of Silicon Carbide Based Bimorph Actuators for Optical Coherence Tomography Applications
Yingjie ShenFlexible Interposer Based on Carbon Nanotubes and PDMS Composite
Jian LiWafer Scale Flexible Interconnect Fabrication for Heterogeneous Integration
Hengqian YiThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Yiwen ChenT12 Electromagnetic Ballast Modeling And Retrofit LED Tube Driver Design
Nikolas GaioFabrication and Characterization of an Upside-down CNT MEA
2014 Yorick CariseyLow temperature fine pitch vertical wafer level interconnection using copper nanoparticles
Teng MaMonolithic integration of light sensor readout system for multi-functional LED wafer-level packaging based on BICMOS process
Manjunath Venkatesh RamachandrappaMonolithic Integration of Rectifiers and Drivers for low power SSL applications on a Rigid to Flex Substrate
Lalit KumarOpto-elecronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Xingyu LiuPrinted graphene and silicon
Yi LiuNano Optomechanical Read-out for Microcantilever Sensors
Hengqian YiThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Lalit KumarOpto-electronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Yelena GrachovaCVD of Single Layer Graphene at Wafer Scale: Study of Different Catalytic Materials
Sourish BanerjeeSuper-growth of CNTs based on ZrN for TSV application
Berend van MeerDesign of Cytostretch Skin A human cell based stretchable, flexible and mass-producible skin tissue model for drug development
2013 R. SokolovskijFoldable 3D Wafer Level SSL Package Using Flexible Interconnect
A. DamianLow Temperature Wafer Bonding Based on Copper Nanoparticle Sintering for 3D Interconnect Fabrication
Walter VerloopResonant Air Quality Sensor
Alice XuLow Temperature Fabrication of SiO2 Films Using Liquid Silicon
Dhariyash RathodVerification of the non-local avalanche current model in mextram for advanced SiGe HBTs
2012 Raj VadirajHigh Frequency readout scheme for Graphene based NEMS
Miki TrifunovicSingle-Grain Silicon TFTs on a Plastic Substrate by Doctor Blade Coating of Cyclopentasilane
Ankur SharmaFlexible Smart Display with Integrated Graphics Rasterizor using Single Grain TFTs
2011 Sheng Jie LiMicro-Fluidic MEMS for Micro-Particle Filtration
Aashini GulatiA Micro Surgical Instrument for Age Related Macular Degeneration
Ting YanIntegrated water cooling for HIFU prostate ablation
B.S. HauDesign & Modeling of a MEMS Contact-mode Piezoresistive Detector for Pull-in Acceleration Sensing
Amir NaeimiOLED Display with Single Grain Si TFT. (SG-TFT)
2010 Gokulray ChandramohanElectrical characterization of MEMS microphones
Jie ShenNovel Application of Imprinting Lithography for Multi-bit Ferroelectric Memories
Yunlong HouAluminum Nitride and Chromium Nitride Thin Films for Strain Gauge Application
J. YangReliability study of the Floating Gate Based Embedded Non_Volatile Memory (eNVM)
J. ZhangDesign and Fabrication of On-Chip Cooling Devices Based on the Peltier Effect
M. CanEdgeless Silicon Sensors
2009 D. Oludare OyediranGrowth of Thin Film Microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
S. VollebregtCarbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
J. HaoSilicon MEMS Micro-Evaporator
N.T. BokerPrototyping of a Stretchable Microelectrode Array for Cardiotoxicity Drug Screening
Theo VerhaarPattern transfer on vertical cavity sidewalls using SU8
2008 Ruoxuan LiTapered through silicon via etching and filling for 3D integration

MSc Biomedical Engineering

2021 Danai GalitiIntegration of electro-chemical FET-based sensors in silicon- and polymer-based organs-on-chip
Shriya RangaswamyDesign, Integration and Characterization of Microelectrodes for Heart-On-Chip Applications
2020 Jorik Hans AmeszCardiac mapping on ex vivo perfused porcine slaughterhouse hearts
Eric Bert DijkemaTowards cMUT for Neurostimulation
Sevda Malek KaniPolyimide encapsulation for implantable medical devices
Youri WesthoekUltrasound Energy Transfer using Charged CMUTs
Mahdieh Shojaei BaghiniDesign and Development of Integrated Displacement Sensors for Engineered Heart Tissue Platforms
Androniki DiakouDesign and Fabrication of Electrical Stimulation Setup for EHT platform
Suzanne OnderdelindenDesign of a valveless organ-on-chip micropump
Eric SafaiEvaluation of Organ-on-Chip Microfluidic Flows Using Optical Coherence Tomography
2019 Chuqian ZhangDesign and Fabrication of a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator for Organ-on-Chips Platforms
Marta SaccherMEMS ultrasound for active implantable devices
Jeroen NaaborgHigh Density Integrated Capacitors for Smart Catheters and Implants
2015 Armando Galicia NaranjoAcoustically Induced Microenvironments: Building blocks for organ models in-vitro
2014 Jose Manuel Rosas EscobarFabrication of a microporous PDMS membrane for an Organ-on-Chip device
Shruti AgrawalAssessment of Cytostretch - A Heart-On-Chip device. Experiments on Cardiomyocytes


2011 Sabrina MagnaniSuspended Submicron Silicon-Beam for High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Force Sensing Cantilevers
2010 Ana Neves Vieira da SilvaAnalytical Modeling of the Stress-Strain Distribution in a Multilayer Structure with Applied Bending

MSc Embedded Systems

2020 Teodor NikolovGraphene Nano-ribbon Patterning and Characterisation Towards Boolean Logic Gates

MSc Applied Physics

2019 Thijs Ten BruggencateTransferred Graphene as a Conductive Layer on a Thin Alumina Membrane