MSc thesis project proposals

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor. If you see a project of interest, you are interested in one of our research topics, or you have your own idea for a project please contact one of the staff members.

Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Metal oxide semiconductor produced by spark ablation for gas sensing

Hot Embossing for Transparent Spacers in Micro Fabrication Technologies

Graphene-based sensors

Graphene-based gas sensor with integrated microheater

Graphene as back contact for poly-Si based solar cells

Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

Ultrasound neuromodulation on in-vitro neuronal cultures

A sub-millimeter size tissue stiffness sensor

Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

MSc thesis projects and internships at NXP

Health monitoring in electronic drivers

Optimization for failure detection in autonomous driving

Monolithic Integration of Quartz Spacers for Novel Imaging Technologies

On Package Food Decay Indicator

Silicon Carbide Thermal Test Chip for Characterization of Die-Attach Materials

Vacuum-assisted Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) Fabrication using Cu nanoparticles sintering

Heterogeneous integration using Cu nanoparticle sintering

Conductive Through-Polymer Optical Vias (TPOVs)

Smart Micro Thrusters for CubeSats

Patterning nanoparticles by using lift-off techniques or masking

Studying the possibilities to pattern nanoparticle deposits and exploring the possibilities and limits of masking, lift-off or other patterning methods for creating micron-sized structures of nanoparticles.


Read-out for displacement sensor in an EHT platform

Design and characterization of a portable read-out system for measuring very small dynamic changes in a capacitive displacement sensor integrated in an EHT platform.

Microfluidic platform for point-of-care diagnostic sensor

Developing a microfluidics platform to serve as a Point-of-Care (PoC) device for a CRISPR/Cas-based direct DNA assay.