dr. Ricciardella

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials (ECTM), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Graphene gas sensors

Themes: MEMS Technology


Filiberto Ricciardella received his M.Sc. in Physics at Bari University �Aldo Moro� and PhD in Novel Technologies for Materials, Sensors and Imaging at Naples University �Federico II� in collaboration with the ENEA Research Center in Portici (Naples). In his thesis, he investigated the behavior of graphene-based gas-sensors operating in environmental conditions towards several analytes. During his PhD he has been a member of the COST Action MP0901-NanoTP, taking part in meetings and workshops and providing scientific contribution as oral and/or poster presentations regarding his research.
In 2015 he was post-doc researcher at Italian Institute of Technology (Genoa) mainly working on a commercial project related to graphene and polymers.
His research interests encompass: 1. growth of graphene and bi-dimensional materials by using Chemical Vapor Deposition and Liquid Phase Exfoliation, 2. material characterization, especially through Raman spectroscopy, 3. electron and atomic force microscopy, 4. graphene-based gas sensors and devices electrical characterization.

Last updated: 8 Dec 2017