Lovro Ivančević

Lovro Ivančević comes from Croatia, where he obtained his BSc degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2019 at University of Zagreb. He started his Master programme at TU Delft in 2019. His interests include sensor design, analog circuit design and sensor interfaces. As a pre-project to his MSc thesis, he has been working on a 'Portable Parameter Analyzer', a sensor interface for testing a novel ion-sensitive sensor for organs-on-chip developed at ECTM. His MSc thesis on design of an OoC sensor for testing blood-brain barrier integrity will start in December 2020 under supervision of Dr. Massimo Mastrangeli.

MSc thesis: OoC-integrated impedance spectroscopy for blood-brain barrier integrity analysis
Advisor(s): Massimo Mastrangeli, Hande Aydogmus

Program: MSc Microelectronics

Lovro Ivančević, MSc