Visiting address

TU Delft
Fac. EEMCS (building 36), EKL wing
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft

Postal address

TU Delft
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Postbox 5031
2600 GA Delft

Chair Willem van Driel


Marian Roozenburg & Nikki de Ruijter
Room: DI 00.043
T: (+31 15) 27 83868


dr. ir. Sten Vollebregt

Contact persons for each theme

MEMS Technology

The general concept of microsystems technology is to combine new materials with IC technology and micromachining technologies.

Contact: prof.dr. P.M. Sarro

Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

Silicon chips are usually relatively thick, they are not flexible and certainly not stretchable.

Contact: R. Dekker

Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Heterogenous system integration, wide bandgap semiconductor sensors, digital twin and reliability, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, advanced 2D materials and devices

Contact: prof.dr. GuoQi Zhang


Organs-on-Chip (OoCs) are dynamic microfluidic devices which aim to recapitulate functions and (patho)physiology of organs within a physiologically relevant microenvironment.

Contact: dr. Massimo Mastrangeli

Biodegradable Technologies

Activities on biodegradable technologies at ECTM focus on biodegradable MEMS, a new class of microelectromechanical systems composed entirely of biodegradable materials, including sensors, actuators and electrical circuits, for medical and environmental applications.

Contact: dr. Clementine Boutry

Analog and power integrated circuit design (APIC)

Contact: Qinwen Fan

Advanced sensor materials

Future smart sensor require material innovation to reach the desired performance or functionality. We focus on the application of nanomaterials for improved sensing, and the use of wide bandgap semiconductors for harsh environment sensors.

Contact: S. Vollebregt

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By public transport:

By train to the railway station Delft (centre): from Rotterdam/Dordrecht and Amsterdam/The Hague (coming from Schiphol airport you may need to change trains in Leiden or The Hague)

By bus from the railway station Delft (centre):

  • RET busses 40 or 174 in the direction of Rotterdam, exit at stop TU Delft - Mekelpark, stops in front of the EEMCS faculty
  • Veolia bus 69 in the direction of Delft Technopolis, exit at stop TU Delft - Mekelpark, stops in front of the EEMCS faculty
  • Veolia bus 55 in the direction of Zoetermeer, exit at the stop TU Delft - Aula, which is at the crossing of Mekelweg and Christiaan Huygensweg

By regional rail - stoptrein to the railway station Delft-Zuid: which is approximately 1.5 km away (20 min walking, with no convenient bus connection).

By taxi:

  • A taxi from the Schiphol airport costs around 80 euro
  • A taxi from the Delft train station costs around 10 euro

By car:

  • From highway A13, take exit 10: Delft-Zuid, and immediately exit the N470 road again towards TU-wijk- Turn left: Schoemakerstraat
  • Continue straight on the same road which changes to: Huismansingel
  • Turn right: Heertjeslaan
  • Turn right: Rotterdamseweg
  • Turn right: Balthasar van der Polweg
  • Turn left: Feldmannweg
Parking is free in the area.