R. Dekker

Parttime Professor
Electronic Components, Technology and Materials (ECTM), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Flexible electronics

Themes: Flexible and Stretchable Electronics



Projects history


Accelerate Innovation in emerging medical devices with open technology platforms

Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative

POSITION-II: innovation in smart medical instruments

Ultrasound Integrated Patch for Medical Diagnostics

In this project, we will develop flexible, programmable transducer modules for ultrasound body patches

Spatially specific peripheral nerve stimulation with focused ultrasound

Intelligent Catheters in Advanced Systems for Interventions (INCITE) – WP2 Imaging

InForMed: D4 - Steering deep brain stimulation probe (Chip-in-Tip)

Sensors and Circuits on Catheters

How to bring highly miniaturized circuits, sensors and actuators to the tip of the catheters and other minimal invasive surgical instruments?

Smart Flexible Sensors for in-vivo Coronary Circulation Diagnostics

Combined pressure and flow sensor, so small that it can be positioned in the tip of the guide wire used in heart angioplasty surgery

Living Chip: Stretchable Multi-Electrode Array for drug screening with stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Stem cell derived human cardiomyocytes are used to detect cardiotoxic side effects of newly developed drugs

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