Ramón Carballás Boluda

Ramón Carballás Boluda graduated from University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, in July 2021 in the bachelor of Biomedical Engineering. He also studied his third year of the bachelor at University of Maryland, US, and has worked at the CNIO (National Oncological Research Center) as an intern. In September 2021, he started his studies in the Master program of Biomedical Engineering Track II: Medical Devices, at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. In November 2022, he joined the Electronic Components, Technology and Materials (ECTM) group as a Master student doing his master thesis in close collaboration with Bi/ond company. 

MSc thesis: 3D Microelectrode Integration in Muscle-on-Chip device
Advisor(s): Massimo Mastrangeli

Program: MSc Biomedical Devices

Ramón Carballás Boluda, MSc