Vladimir Leshko

Vladimir completed his Bachelor's in 2013 in Renewable Energy Engineering at his hometown's Technical University in Novosibirsk, Russia. The evergrowing awareness of the inevitability of ageing, frailty and acquiring age-related diseases sparked Vladimir's interest in healthcare, physiology and longevity which led him to join the Biomedical Engineering Msc programme at TU Delft. Vladimir is working on a thesis project aimed to integrate the TU Delft portable microfluidic platform with microfluidic chips containing tumour spheroids for immunotherapy trials together with Erasmus MC (under the supervision of L. Mezzanotte and G. Zambito) and TU Delft (under the supervision of M. K. Ghatkesar and Z. Wang (PME, 3mE) and M. Mastrangeli (ECTM, ME).

MSc thesis: document Portable microfluidic chip perfusion and heating solution for high-magnification optical microscopy
Advisor(s): Massimo Mastrangeli, Murali Ghatsekar

Program: MSc Biomedical Engineering

Vladimir Leshko, MSc