MSc thesis project proposal

Graphene-based sensors

Due to its unique physical properties graphene is a fascinating material for many different sensor application. Currently, we are investigating graphene for applications as:
  • Gas sensors: due to it single-atom thickness graphene is very sensitive for gases and doesn't require heating. This would allow the fabrication of gas sensor with high sensitivity for mobile applications for environmental monitoring and breath analysis.
  • Pressure sensors: due to its low mass and unique mechanical properties, graphene is very interesting for pressure sensing. Together with the PME department of the 3mE faculty, several novel sensing concepts are being studied
  • Hall sensors: the high mobility of graphene can enable the fabrication of magnetic field sensors which are significantly more sensitive than tradition materials
  • Photodiodes: graphene is optically almost completely transparent and a good electrical conductor. This could enable the fabrication of photodiodes with high fill factors.
Does any of these topics sound interesting, or do you want to discuss other graphene sensor applications, then don't hesitate to contact me.


Design, fabricate and characterise a sensor.

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Last modified: 2018-03-23