MSc thesis project proposal

Reliability of 3D integration flip-chip approach using nanometallic particles sintering

The high-end System in Package (SiP) and heterogeneous integration (HI) are the global trends in microsystem technologies. The functional chips will be 2-dimensional / 3-dimensional integrated into a single module. The nano-metallic copper (Nano-Cu) technology is investigated to replace the conventional solder technology further to increase the packaging density, thermal performance and reliability. Furthermore, the metallic nano copper sintering can be engineered well within the thermal budget required for 2D/3D integration.

Flip-chip technology plays a role in 3D IC integration. It is regarded as an important building block that can realize more complex heterogenous chip-to-chip (C2C) bonding and chip-to-wafer (C2W) bonding. Moreover, the fine pitch flip-chip integration is an approach to chiplet in the industry.

This project aims to integrate the flip-chip using nanometallic sintering. The electrical property can be measured by probe station, and the mechanical and thermal properties also need to be characterized. The correlation among electrical, thermal and mechanical properties will be investigated.


The student will perform the assignment at ECTM:

  • Duration: ~9 months.
  • Location: EKL cleanrooms and facilities.

The expected activities to be carried out by the student are:

  • Layout design optimization.
  • Fabrication of the design in EKL facilities.
  • Nano-Cu patterns transfer using stencil lithographic printing
  • Characterization and analysis of the resistive, thermal and mechanical properties of the fabricated samples.
  • Modelling and investigating the relationship among conductive, thermal and mechanical properties.


You are an ambitious master student looking for a challenging thesis project on a microelectronics packaging problem. You have a physics, material science or microelectronics background and an interest in micro fabrication technology. Good communication skills in English and a pro-active attitude are expected.


MSc Xinrui Ji

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2022-03-16