MSc thesis project proposal

Fabrication of graphene-based optical modulator

Graphene is a single-layer of sp2 hybridized carbon and the first of the so-called class of 2D materials. It has unique physical properties that make it attractive for numerous applications. Graphene can be synthesized on a wafer-scale using chemical vapour deposition and transferred to a target wafer to realize functioning devices.

One of the potential applications of graphene is optical modulation. Although it is one atomic layer thick, a single layer of graphene absorbs 2.3% of the visible light passing through. By gating the graphene the optical properties of graphene can be modulated, allowing light to be absorbed or not. Due to the ultra-fast carrier dynamics, it should be possible to achieve modulation speeds much higher than in Si. This would enable fast optical communication and sensing applications, with smaller device dimensions.

This project will be done in collaboration with Applied Nanolayers BV


  • Design and simulate optical waveguide
  • Improve process flow of optical modulator
  • Fabricate the optical modulator
  • Electrical and optical characterisation

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Last modified: 2022-04-08