MSc thesis project proposal

From Microstructure Image to Property: establish the process-structure-property relationship for a new interconnect material

Due to the increase in power density in high-power devices, there are higher requirements for the heat dissipation of device packaging, especially die-attach materials. Metal nano-sintering material is the most promising die-attach material in replacing solder-based materials. As well known, microstructure in nanoscale and microscale determines the properties of a material. In this project, we will start from the microstructure to explore the material properties.


The expected activities to be carried out by the student are:

  • Literature review to know the state of the art of die-attach materials.
  • Prepare samples under different processes; measure thermal and mechanical properties, and characterize microstructure* (including but not limited to EBSD\SEM\FIB-SEM\3D Reconstruction).

          * If your programming skills are good, here's a free gift :-)

  • Use existing models to simulate the thermal and mechanical properties of the material and compare them with experimental results.
  • For different application cases, propose process parameter modification or material design suggestions.

The student will perform the assignment at ECTM*:

  • Duration: ~9 months.

*Collaboration with Ampleon or other companies might be required.


You are an ambitious student and have a microelectronics, physics, or material science background and an interest in experiment and simulation. Experience with programming is highly recommended. Good communication skills in English and a proactive attitude are expected.


MSc Xiao Hu

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-12-04