MSc thesis project proposal

Power module heat sink optimisation

With the growth of the electric vehicle industry, motor power has increased dramatically, causing power modules to operate at higher temperatures as well as currents. This places high demands on the ability of power modules to withstand high temperatures. Silicon carbide power modules based on triple semiconductors are gaining more attention, but the heat sink of such power modules also needs to be redesigned to ensure better performance. One important aspect is the design of the heat sink geometry, where the spacing and arrangement of the heat sink pillars can significantly affect the performance of the heat sink. Alternatively, the use of wing shaped pillars may optimise cooling performance. It is also important to study how the radiator performs at different coolant flow Reynolds number. These are among the possible research directions of this project. Most of the results of this project should be based on simulation, but later experimental validation is also necessary (water tunnel model).


  • Fluid-solid coupling simulation
  • Optimising the performance of heat sinks
  • Selection of optimal heat dissipation material
  • Exploring the effect of thermal interface on thermal performance


Creative MSc students with background in multiphysics simulation and/or computational physics. Motivated to work independently, fluent in English.


MSc Zihan Zhang

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-12-05