MSc thesis project proposal

Advanced nanosilver sintering technology for electric vehicle's power module

SiC has been widely used in electric vehicle (EV) traction converter. It offers compelling advantages including low losses, high switching frequencies, and high-temperature operation.

However, the current packaging technique has been the main bottleneck to further utilize SiC in high temperature, because for traditional semiconductor, work temperature has not been so high ever before. Nanosilver sintering has been proven to be a proper solution for SiC power module packaging. Theoretically, it has a melting temperature as bulk silver. However, a series of process factors cause bonding failure, for example copper oxidation on substrate. Process improvement is urgent for further development of SiC application.

Through this project, you have a chance to directly push the EV's performance forward by improving the reliability of SiC power module packaging.


The student will work at TU Delft (ECTM) and Boschman Technology (Duiven). 

You should first finish an initial extensive literature review of the state-of-the-art nanosilver sintering for SiC traction converter. Then a comprehensive inspection of the current SiC packing process should be conducted. You need to make samples and optimize the process in Boschman. The morphological and structural characterization (e.g. SEM, XPS, XRD) will be used.


You are a self-motivated student looking for a real impact on EV's development. You have an electrical engineering background. Good communication skill in English is expected.


MSc Weiping Jiao

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-12-08