MSc thesis project proposal

Next-Generation Accelerated Reliability Test Method

Project outside the university


Board Level Reliability – Team within NXP's Product Diagnostic Center Nijmegen focusses on the solder joint interconnect reliability and life time predictions by gathering time-to-fail data of test chips that undergo mechanical and thermomechanical stress tests. This project is addressing research on understanding the physical robustness of solder joint interconnects formed between semiconductor packages and application specific printed circuit boards. Within this project, accelerated reliability test method that can more adequately address the mission profiles in automotive environments is required to be build. You will gather experimental data to conclude on reliability of solder joints under dynamic loading during a board level vibration test.


This is a full-time internship (40 hours per week) with a duration of 9 months. The assignment could also be suitable as a thesis/graduation project.

Please note that in order to be considered for an internship/working student assignment, you need to be registered as a student during the entire period.

Tasks include:

  • Develop and verify test hardware for application driven board level vibration test method.
  • Execute reliability experiments by operating reliability test equipment.
  • Design and implement electrical circuits for gathering in-situ reliability test data.
  • Design software for processing in-situ reliability test data.
  • Preparation of samples for reliability testing and failure evaluation.
  • Write and release reliability test reports, revealing failure mechanisms and underlying root cause.
  • Publish new guidelines, work instructions and reliability test specifications.


  • Master of Science - last year of (technical) university focusing on physics, material science or electrical engineering
  • Hands on experience in a lab environment (practical lab experience from university is sufficient)
  • Affinity with Matlab or Pyvisa/Python programming language for data analysis is preferred
  • Understanding of polymer material and dynamic properties such as Youngs modulus, resonance frequencies, damping, etc.
  • Good level of English is required (attendance to meetings / presentations with international team, reading and writing of documentation)


MSc Varun Thukral

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

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