Smart Organ-on-Chip (Smart OoC)

Themes: Organs-on-chip

Developing a Standardized and Modular open technology OoC platform as a new Approach to Recapitulate human Tissues: the SMART OoC

The project aims at developing a conceptually new, modular open technology OoC platform by integrating advanced technologies in technical engineering and bioengineering. The SMART OoC consists of a multi-well format SMART docking plate with technical and tissue chip modules. The SMART docking plate contains standardized fluid input/output ports and an integrated microfluidic channel network mimicking the flow connectivity
that in vivo is provided by the vasculature. The ports connect to exchangeable plug-in chip modules. The technical chip modules provide fluidic functionality such as pumping, mixing, storage, integrated sensing, or actuation. The tissue chip modules expand on existing organ and tissue models with improved organotypic 3D architectures and relevant
tissue microenvironments.

Project data

Researchers: Massimo Mastrangeli, Jia-Jun Yeh
Starting date: December 2021
Closing date: November 2026
Contact: Massimo Mastrangeli