Here are some of the group events of ECTM. For more pictures, see also here.

ECTM Annual Review 2023

On the 16th of February we had our annual review, which this year had a Persian theme.

ECTM Excursion 2022

During the excursion we visited the Maeslantkearing and the harbour of Rotterdam by boat. We finished the day on the beach with some exercise with fun Expedition Robbionson games and a nice diner.

ECTM Annual Review 2022

On the 7th of April we finally could have our annual review again, this time the country was North Macedonia. The event included great food, music and dance.

City walk Delft March 2022

ECTM BBQ October 2021

ECTM Annual Review 2020

Cette année, la fête avait un thème français et nous a donné un aperçu de la cuisine française, de la danse et de la pétanque

ECTM-EKL Excursion 2019

On May the 15th ECTM and EKL visited the Boerhaave museum and Heineken brewery.

ECTM Annual Review 2019

This year our annual review had an Eqyptian theme with great food and dance

ECTM-EKL Excursion 2018

On the 20th of September 2018 ECTM and EKL visited the Dutch Delta works park Neeltje Jans.

ECTM Annual review 2018

The 8th of February the yearly annual review was held. This year with a Polish theme with great food and people.

ECTM and EKL excursion 2017

On the 11th of May ECTM together with EKL visited ECN in Petten to learn about the latest trends in solar cells. After this, we visited beautiful Marken and took the boat to Volendam where we all dressed up in traditional clothes for a group picture!

ECTM Annual review 2017

The 23rd of February the yearly ECTM Annual review was helt. This year the theme was Incredible India, with awesome food and dance.

Beijing Research Centre (BRC) symposium

After the thesis defenc eof the first 2 PhD students from the BRC a special seminar was held to reflect and look to the future of Sino-Dutch R&D cooperation.

ECTM and EKL excursion 2016

On the 10th of May ECTM and EKL visited Fujifilm and the La Trappe brewery.

ECTM Annual review 2016

Annual review and Costa Rican themed dinner on 18 Feb 2015.

ECTM and EKL excursion 2015

On May the 20th ECTM and the staff of the EKL had a joint hgroup outing to DemoKwekerij Westland and De Tuinderij

ECTM Annual review 2015

Annual review and Balkan themed dinner on 5 Feb 2015.

Farewell symposium Prof. dr. Kees Beenakker

Group Outing 2014

ECTM outing to SRON and Kasteel De Haar, Haarzuilens

ECTM Excursion 2014

ECTM Annual review 2014

Annual review and dinner on 13 Feb 2014.

ECTM Excursion 2013

ECTM Annual Review 2013

ECTM Annual Review 2012

ECTM Excursion 2011