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dr. Vincent Henneken

PhD student

PhD thesis: Product-internal assembly functions: a novel micro-assembly concept applied to optical interconnects

Promotor: Urs Staufer, Lina Sarro

Expertise: Miniaturization-related system integration

Themes: MEMS Technology

Alumnus of ECTM

Left in 2008

Now: Philips Research (Netherlands)

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R&D specialist having PhD in mechanical engineering with focus on MEMS development. Direct experience in cleanroom fabrication, microsystem design, modelling and testing. Broad interest in miniaturization-related system integration projects involving silicon and non-silicon components.


Sensors and Circuits on Catheters

How to bring highly miniaturized circuits, sensors and actuators to the tip of the catheters and other minimal invasive surgical instruments?

Last updated: 16 Jun 2014