Shanliang Deng

Shanliang Deng was born in China in 1997. He studied in Tianjin University at the School of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering from 2015 and received her BSc degree in 2019. He finished his BSc thesis in University of Twente in the Applied Microfluidics for Bioengineering Research group (AMBER). Shanliang started his MSc study of Electrical Engineering, track Microelectronics, in 2019 at TU Delft. Since August 2020, he started his MSc thesis project ‘Interactive optoelectronics system’ in the ECTM group. The aim of this project is designing and building up an high resolution, high speed and high intensity micro LED array for optogenetics stimulation. Advisor(s): Guoqi Zhang, Rene Poelma and Tianyi Jin

MSc thesis: Advanced optoelectronics driver system for biomedical applications
Advisor(s): GuoQi Zhang, Tianyi Jin

Program: MSc Microelectronics

Shanliang Deng, MSc