MSc Microelectronics

Common core courses

The common core contains courses common to all EE/CE programs and contains two general engineering oriented courses being compulsory for all students. These courses are Profile Orientation and Academic skills and Systems Engineering.

The common core further contains 9 fundamental courses introducing all students to the breadth of EE and CE. Of these 9 fundamentals, all students must select two courses.

Common core courses are fundamental and general in nature, and should be attractive to a relevant fraction of the students in multiple tracks.
These courses are programmed in the first quarter of the academic year. Typically, they have three parts. These are (1) an introductory part that might be seen as a quick repeat of the expected prerequisite knowledge of incoming students (or as a quick introduction if some knowledge is still missing), (2) the main body, and (3) a part that makes a specific connection to the different tracks in the program. This last part may actually be track-specific.

Compulsory  common core courses
EE4C01 Profile Orientation and Academic Skills
EE4C11 System Engineering

CESE4010Advanced computing systems5 EC details
EE4C01Profile orientation and academic skills3 EC details
EE4C03Statistical digital signal processing5 EC details
EE4C04Control system design5 EC details
EE4C05Electromagnetics5 EC details
EE4C06Networking5 EC details
EE4C08Measurement and instrumentation5 EC details
EE4C10Analog circuit design fundamentals5 EC details
EE4C11Systems engineering5 EC details
EE4C12Machine learning for Electrical Engineering5 EC details
EE4C13Wireless systems for electrical engineering applications5 EC details