EE4C01 Profile orientation and academic skills

Topics: Introduction to the EE program and research groups

This course provides a first introduction to the various Electrical Engineering tracks (microelectronics, power engineering, signals and systems, telecommunication and sensing systems), as well as an introduction to the research and expertise of the research groups within the EE department. Further, the course provides a training in academic skills:

  • Basic knowledge of ethics and intellectual property right
  • Basic skills in oral presentation of scientific problems and results
  • Basic skills in academic writing

The course concludes with a definition of a research topic and writing of an essay on this topic.

Study Goals

With this course the students

  • Acquire an overview of the main challenges in and potential applications of electrical engineering
  • Become familiar with research topics addressed within the EE department
  • Master basic skills in oral presentation of scientific problems and/of results
  • Master basic skills in academic writing
  • Acquire basic principle of ethics and intellectual property right
  • Are able to extract the main information from a scientific paper or report
  • Are able to write an essay on a scientific question defined from given topics

Education Method

The course includes lectures and exercises, a presentation in public and a written essay. Presentation and writing skills will be assessed according to a given set of criteria. Essay topics will be provided and written essays will be evaluated by the department staff members who offered the selected topic.


prof.dr. Lina Sarro

Integrated silicon sensor and MEMS technology, electronic material processing and novel 3D micro/nanostructures; Organ-on-chip Technology


Last modified: 2022-06-19


Credits: 3 EC
Period: 0/2/2/0
Contact: Lina Sarro