MSc thesis project proposal

High-throughput assembly of mini/microLED display panels

Project outside the university


Mini/micro-LED panels represent the next-generation of display technology. Compared to conventional widespread LCD technology, LED-based displays consist of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. Such displays will offer better contrast, shorter response times, and higher energy efficiency. The inorganic nature of m/uLEDs gives them a longer lifetime advantage over OLEDs, and allows them to display brighter images with minimal risk of screen burn-in. However, the assembly of mLED panels currently hinders the mass-production of these new displays. Nexperia/ITEC has world-leading high-speed pick-and-place technology, which can assemble 40 thousand components per hour. This technology can potentially become a solution to the mass-production of LED-based displays.


The student will perform this project both at ECTM (TU Delft) and at Nexperia/ITEC (Nijmegen) to fabricate a fully-functional 160 by 160 mLED matrix. The substrate and and driver system will be prepared in ECTM. Then, the student will be trained to perform the high-speed pick-and-place assembly in Nexperia/ITEC. After training, the student will need to optimize the machine to assemble miniLED panels with high yield.

  • Duration:  9~12 months.
  • Location: EKL lab and Nexperia/ITEC.
  • Possible internship salary paid by Nexperia.


You are an ambitious master student looking for a project in close relation with a leading industry in microelectronics packaging.

Good communication skill and a pro-active attitude are expected.

You are welcome if you are interested in packaging technology and hands-on activities.


MSc Shanliang Deng

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-12-05