MSc Feyza Pirim

PhD student
Electronic Components, Technology and Materials (ECTM), Department of Microelectronics

Themes: Biodegradable Technologies, Organs-on-chip


Feyza completed her Bachelor's in mechanical engineering from METU in 2020, with a minor in aerodynamics, and continued her studies with a Master's in micro and nanotechnology at METU. During her undergraduate years, she gained practical experience through internships, including one at TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute. Additionally, she worked as a candidate engineer at Roketsan, a national defense company in Turkey.

During her graduate studies, Feyza contributed to the ERC-granted FLAMENCO project at METU, focusing on the development of MEMS-based fully implantable cochlear implants. Her research aimed to enhance sound perception and gained recognition for its potential applications in ENT surgeries and future biocompatible, energy-efficient systems.

Following her Master's, Feyza continued her research at METU's MEMS Center, where she concentrated on the development of multi-modal neurosensors for monitoring cortical spreading depressions in the brain. Her responsibilities encompassed modeling, simulation, and hands-on work in microfabrication, with expertise in reactive ion etching and parylene deposition devices.

In June 2023, Feyza joined the ECTM group at TU Delft, where she is actively engaged in cutting-edge research focused on biodegradable technologies for biomedical applications. As part of the NOCI consortium, she is dedicated to leveraging biodegradable materials and innovative designs for Organ-on-Chip platforms.

Last updated: 29 Sep 2023