High efficiency, low EMI power inverters in GaN technology (GANPI)

Themes: Analog and power integrated circuit design (APIC)

Power inverter is an essential block in motor inverters and solar inverters which plays a very important role in society nowadays. GaN is one of the most promising semiconductor materials in power electronics, due to its low Ron and low parasitic capacitance compared to its silicon counterparts. Thanks to these features, GaN inverters can offer very high power density, reducing the footprint and system costs. In this project, we will develop novel GaN-based inverters to enhance system efficiency, and reduce EMI and system costs. We offer the opportunities to design integrated circuits in GaN technology, and silicon BCD technologies and to work with packaging and reliability experts to eventually produce a system-in-package prototype with high industrial impact.

Project data

Researchers: Miao Zhang, Huajun Zhang, Hesheng Lin
Starting date: November -0001
Closing date: November -0001
Contact: Qinwen Fan