Analog and power integrated circuit design (APIC)

Contact: Qinwen Fan

Integrated circuits have become a crucial part of modern society. Under this theme, we focus on high-performance analog and power integrated circuits for sensor interfaces, industrial measurement and instrumentation applications, energy conversion in EVs, renewable energy systems, and IoT nodes.

Three main tracks are defined under this theme:

1. High-performance voltage/current sensing 

2. High-efficiency half-bridge/full-bridge inverters for audio applications, motor drivers, and renewable energy conversion systems with smart control and drivers

3. Low-power IoT nodes

Projects under this theme

Next-Generation Class-D Audio Amplifier


High-performance current/voltage sensing for dynamic load

Plant-powered Phenocam

In this project, a plant-powered image sensor will be developed for environmental monitoring

Low-power DC-DC converters with smart MPPT

In this project, we will develop a low-power DC-DC converter for PV cells for IoT nodes, featuring a wide dynamic range MPPT algorithm.

High efficiency, low EMI power inverters in GaN technology