Artificial Dielectric Layer for Terahertz application (Terahertz)

Themes: MEMS Technology

This project is focused on the fabrication of a high aspect ratio, IC compatible metamaterial that greatly enhances the sensing performance of antennas in the Terahertz frequency. The metamaterial is realized by means of multi-layered periodic metallic inclusions inside a thick dielectric host matrix.

When placed on top of the radiating structure, this metamaterial increases the front-to-back radiation ratio by more than 10 dB, ensuring the matching of the antenna from 280 to 325 GHz. The maximum temperature reached during fabrication is 400 °C, thus making this approach suited as CMOS back-end process.

Project data

Researchers: Giuseppe Fiorentino, Lina Sarro
Starting date: March 2011
Closing date: March 2015
Sponsor: STW
Contact: Lina Sarro