Sensing Devices for Organ on Chip Technology (SDOCT)

Themes: MEMS Technology

The project focuses on the development of sensors for its application in Organ on Chip technology maintaining a wafer-level fabrication approach and the highest CMOS compatibility. Through these devices some of the mechanical and biochemical signals found typically in dynamic cell cultures, present in Organ on a Chip technology, could be monitored in real time giving a better view on specific cell mechanisms that cannot be analysed through conventional optical and not in situ techniques.

The integration of such sensors in specific microenvironments, where biocompatible materials (PDMS, byogels, etc) are used, is necessary but maintaining a wafer-level approach. By means of CMOS compatible and MEMS fabrication technologies this could be possible so that simultaneously an improvement of this technology by increasing the feasibility of mass production can be obtained. This improvement eventually would benefit the drug development industry and research on disease modelling.

Project data

Researchers: William Quiros Solano, Lina Sarro
Starting date: February 2014
Closing date: February 2018
Sponsor: ITCR
Contact: Lina Sarro