Piezoelectric Technology for Liquid Applications (PiezoSens)

Themes: MEMS Technology

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have been studied in chemistry, biomedicine and telecommunication for many decades, especially sensors including automotive (torque and tire pressure sensors), medical applications (biosensors) and industrial, commercial applications (vapor, humidity, temperature and mass sensors). Measurement on acoustic wave sensors is to be wave velocity perturbation, changes of confinement dimensions, difference of the traveling wave damping or input-output variation. An important distinction between types can be defined according to the natures of the acoustic wave and vibration modes. For optimized structures to limit the leaky phenomenon, SAW devices are also applied for sensing liquid. Here, new proposed structures for generating SAWs are used for improve operating performance of SAW sensors.

Project data

Researchers: Thu Hang Bui, Lina Sarro
Starting date: January 2015
Closing date: January 2019
Contact: Lina Sarro