BiopsyPen: A portable coherent tomography scanner (BiopsyPen)

Themes: MEMS Technology

The goal of the project is development of portable coherent tomography (OCT ) scanner for skin tissue. Precise alignment of OCT components is the most difficult and most time-consuming part of scanner assembly. One of the best way to overcome this problem is integration of all OCT components on one chip.

Our research task within the BiopsyPen project is development of movable silicon based microlens for scanning purpose. The task is separated in two subparts. One, is the development of silicon based micro lens. The other the development of MEMS actuators which have to provide tilting movement for surface scanning. Both, the lens and the actuators have to be compatible with the overall OCT chip design. Currently, the main focus of the research is on Al-SiO2 and SiC-Si electrothermal bimorph beams for MEMS actuator system and photoresist technique reflow for Si lens development.

For more information, see the project homepage.

Project data

Researchers: Aleksandar Jovic, Gregory Pandraud, Sotiris Thomas, Lina Sarro
Starting date: October 2013
Closing date: September 2016
Sponsor: FP7
Partners: Medlumics (Spain), Medical University Vienna, VVT, Exalos AG, University Politecnica of Madrid, Optocap Ltd
Contact: Lina Sarro