EE3365TU Basics of Microfabrication

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This course that will introduce you to the basic concepts related to the microfabrication of different semiconductor devices, ranging from integrated electronic components, like resistors and transistors, to micro-electromechanical systems used for sensors and actuators. To this end, the fundamental fabrication steps required to realise such devices will be discussed. Finally, an introduction to the packaging of electronic devices will be given, this being a crucial aspect in ensuring environmental resilience and/or interoperability.

Teachers Sten Vollebregt

Graphene, carbon nanotubes, sensors, nanoparticles, wide bandgap semiconductors

prof.dr. Lina Sarro

Integrated silicon sensor and MEMS technology, electronic material processing and novel 3D micro/nanostructures; Organ-on-chip Technology

dr. Massimo Mastrangeli

Organ-on-chip technology, micro/nanosystems assembly, capillary manipulation, solid-liquid interfaces

Last modified: 2022-06-19


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 4/0/0/0 (not running)
Contact: Sten Vollebregt