MSc thesis project proposal


Emerging wireless applications such as communications systems with multi-gigabit per second data rates and automotive radar operate in the mm-wave frequency spectrum. As the carrier frequency increases, smaller antennas are made possible, giving the antenna dimensions a similar footprint to that of the RF chip package. This allows the antenna to be integrated onto the package, where vertical interconnections can significantly reduce RF link losses. Furthermore, efficient integration with vertical interconnection through the package also enables improved thermal management of the integrated RF chips.

However, at RF frequencies up to 122 GHz or higher, the materials and processes for manufacturing an antenna on package becomes critical. The surface roughness of packaging materials and antenna structures should be kept to a minimum. The dielectric properties of the encapsulation materials, layer thicknesses and the vertical connections must match the required RF performance. All this at the most efficient possible costs.

Using cleanroom fabrication technologies such as thin film deposition, lithography and etching, smooth and  high precision antenna structures on packaging materials can be fabricated [1].  Furthermore, with vertical interconnect through the package [2], an RF efficient chip to antenna connection can be realised.

This project will focus on the fabrication of an antenna on package with vertical interconnect for a 122 GHz application.


  • Literature study to assess the state of the art.
  • Desing of antennas and relevant test structures and specify materials for metals, polymer encapsulation layers and vertical interconnects.
  • Flowchart design for processing in the EKL cleanroom.
  • Fabrication and device characterisation.
  • Reporting.

The project will be conducted at ECTM and EKL.

Contact: Dr. Henk van Zeijl


A background in Electrical engineering or Physics or interest in these topics.
Practical attitude towards designing and executing fabrication processes in cleanroom.
Good understanding of electronic measurements.
Independent worker and good team player.


prof.dr. GuoQi Zhang

Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Group

Department of Microelectronics

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