Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI)

Themes: Biodegradable Technologies, MEMS Technology, Organs-on-chip

To develop new microphysiological platforms to better predict the effect of medicines, based on a combination of human stem cells and microtechnology.

NOCI aims at creating a new platform, based on a combination of human stem cells and microchip fabrication technology, to learn more about the development of diseases and to better predict the effects of medicines. It will be a decisive step towards personalized health care.

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Project data

Researchers: Lina Sarro, Massimo Mastrangeli, Clementine Boutry, Hande Aydogmus, Milica Dostanic, Paul Motreuil-Ragot
Starting date: December 2017
Closing date: November 2026
Funding: 18800 kE; related to group 0 kE
Sponsor: NWO
Partners: LUMC, UTwente, Hubrecht Institute, UMCG, Erasmus MC,
Contact: Lina Sarro