LED Luminaire Colour Shift (ColourShift)

Themes: Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Luminous flux maintenance and colour stability are two important aspects to evaluate the LED based lighting quality. With increased adoption and accumulation of hours of use, awareness is growing that colour shift is an issue for some products, especially in some important application fields, such as museums, patient examination rooms, urban scene illumination occasions, offices, and so on. The colour shift mechanisms of LED lighting are complex due to luminaires´┐Ż much comprehensive structure, generally composed of LED die, phosphor, silicone, reflector, lens, and so on, all of which may contribute to the colour shift during operation. This project aims to 1) understand and quantify the effects of multiple degradation mechanisms on colour shift of LED luminaires, 2) develop a colour shift acceleration method on LED luminaires and 3) build a standard for colour shift acceleration.

Luminaire Colour shift
Observed colour shift

Project data

Researchers: Guangjun Lu, GuoQi Zhang
Starting date: November 2012
Closing date: October 2016
Sponsor: State Key Lab of Solid State Lig
Partners: Philips Lumileds
Contact: GuoQi Zhang