Quick reliability assessment for mid-power white-light LED packages (MP-LED QRA)

Themes: Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Mid-power white-light LED package is a relatively new category of LED products which are typically driven within a range of 0.2 W to 1 W. Unlike high-power LEDs, mid-power LEDs adopt plastic package and copper-based lead frames instead of the traditional ceramic substrate to offer a less expensive option for products. However, the plastic package and copper-based lead frames that reduces the cost of the device is also a source of degradation. However, though many studies have been conducted on the reliability of the high-power LEDs, the reliability of mid-power LEDs is still an opaque issue. The project aims to, (1) understand the light output degradation mechanisms of the mid-power wight-lights LED packages under different stressing conditions, such electrical stress, thermal stress, and humidity stress, and so forth; (2) develop a multi-stress accelerated degradation test method which dramatically reduces the test duration for lifetime assessment of mid-power white-light LED package.

Project data

Researchers: Jianlin Huang, GuoQi Zhang
Starting date: September 2012
Closing date: September 2016
Sponsor: Beijing Research Center, Delft U
Partners: Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Contact: GuoQi Zhang