ET4289 Integrated circuits and MEMS technology

Topics: introduction in the fabrication technologies used for Integrated Circuits and MEMS

This lecture is an introduction in the fabrication technologies used for Integrated Circuits (IC's) and Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). The aim of this lecture is to build a bridge between the physical world (the device physics) and the electronic world (the device characteristics). In this way, students gain more insight in the critical aspects and challenges in IC fabrication.

The series of lectures starts with the discussion of basic microelectronic devices with a brief review of the physics involved. The associated basic fabrication technology, required to fabricate these devices is also discussed. After that, the mainstream IC fabrication technology (CMOS) will be discussed in more detail. In separate chapters, silicon crystal growth, epitaxy, ion implantation, chemical vapor deposition, etching and photolithography will be introduced. Their physical motivation and the impact on the device characteristics will be discussed.

Finally, silicon bulk and surface micromachining technologies are introduced to illustrate the potential of 3D micro structuring in the development of Microsystems or MEMS. These IC compatible technologies are employed to realize multi-function systems for many scientific and industrial application areas.


prof.dr. Lina Sarro

Integrated silicon sensor and MEMS technology, electronic material processing and novel 3D micro/nanostructures; Organ-on-chip Technology Henk van Zeijl

dr. Clementine Boutry

Biodegradable technologies, biodegradable materials and devices (MEMS, sensors, actuators, and electric circuits) for Organ-on-Chip, medical and environmental applications

Last modified: 2023-11-04


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0/0/3/0
Contact: Lina Sarro