Advanced packaging technology of SiC power module (SE2A-4)

Themes: Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Compared to Si counterparts, SiC devices are cable of high switching speed and also enable high switching frequency in power module. However, these features poses substantial challenges to packaging of SiC power module. In this project, a novel fan-out panel-level PCB embedded packaging technology for phase-leg SiC MOSFET power module is proposed, characterized, and demonstrated in a synchronous boost converter. To withstand high temperature beyond 175 °C and high voltage over 1.2 kV and improve thermo-mechanical reliability of the fan-out panel-level PCB embedded SiC power module, BT laminate and prepreg with high temperature stability, high dielectric strength, CTE matching with SiC, and high Tg are selected as PCB embedded package materials and characterized. To solve the heat dissipation of SiC power module, a two-phase cooling scheme is presented and evaluated.

Project data

Researchers: Fengze Hou, GuoQi Zhang
Starting date: December 2017
Closing date: December 2021
Sponsor: Beijing Delft Institute of Intel
Partners: Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Center for Advanced Packaging
Contact: GuoQi Zhang