Solid State Lighting reliability for automotive application (SE2A)

Themes: Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

The use of SiPs in all kinds of applications is only possible if its reliability can be qualified
The objective of this project is to demonstrate the Physics-of-Failure (PoF) reliability assessment approach, focusing on Finite Element Simulation, on a suitable SiP test vehicle, and verifying the analysis using test data and failure analysis.

�System-in-Package� is generic term of a wide range of integrated microelectronic packages which include multiple functions and/or multiple technologies. These variations can include packages with multiple chips which are stacked or planar, packages with different technology such as optics and fluidics, and packages that serve as CPU as well as memory and RF. The use of SiPs in all kinds of applications is only possible if the reliability is satisfied and the appropriate tests are in place to qualify the SiPs reliability. Application, reliability tests, and acceptable failure rates are closely related. Possible failure modes can be linked together within the SiP architecture.

LED technology, specifically, is an emerging field that will benefit greatly from SiP technology. It is also a very new filed with unproven reliability and durability potential. Also lacking from the LED/SSL field are established reliability assessment methods and standards. This project aims to add to the growing collection of knowledge regarding LED and SiP reliability.

Project data

Researchers: GuoQi Zhang, Henk van Zeijl, Daniel Farley
Starting date: January 2010
Closing date: January 2015
Sponsor: Eniac
Contact: GuoQi Zhang