Multifuntional LED Integration and Miniaturization (SeeLight)

Themes: Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Miniaturization is strongly desirable for solid state lighting applications, especially for the screw-in retrofit LED lamps, e.g. retrofit G4 LED lamps. G4 Halogen lamps are widely used in a large variety of consumer luminaires. Due to the energy efficiency feature of LEDs, for almost all incandescent and halogen lamp types LED retrofit versions exist. However, because of its very small size, the miniaturization challenge is much larger to create a LED version of the G4 halogen lamp (G4-LED) than most other types. The challenge is even larger when sensors and processors are integrated in G4-LED. The project is to develop breakthrough technology, enabling a LED retrofit lamp for the G4 and integration of sensors and intelligence for light quality and reliability monitoring. miniaturized, cost effective and reliable integration architecture (including, sensor, electronics, micro-processor, etc) for G4-LED application and focus on maximum industrial acceptance.

A proposed G4 retrofit LED lamp

Project data

Researchers: Pan Liu, Henk van Zeijl, GuoQi Zhang
Starting date: March 2012
Closing date: March 2016
Sponsor: Point One
Partners: Philips Lightning
Contact: GuoQi Zhang