MSc Microelectronics

Graduation project

The graduation thesis project is the concluding study unit of the program. The thesis project size is 45 EC, but can be extended with a pre-study of maximum 15 EC in the free elective space to an overall project load of 60 EC. This is often done in case of chip design projects to give students sufficient time to measure and characterize the produced silicon chips.

The project may be executed within a research program at TU Delft, or in a suitable research institute or company. The project must be carried out with a systematic approach and should include all phases of a research or design project: analysis, modelling, implementation/construction and validation/evaluation. The student executes the thesis project independently, with guidance of a thesis supervisor and under the responsibility of the full professor who approved the IEP.

Students must pass the Master's degree course work as stated in his or her individual study programme (ISP) to within 12 ECTS before embarking on the thesis project and have to show a Thesis Entrance Permit (TEP) to their thesis supervisor. With regard to the thesis project, the thesis supervisor may impose additional conditions for starting the thesis project.

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive).
BE[2024] - Taken - 3D Printed Bioelectronics for Regenerative Medicine
[2024] - Taken - Wireless Stimulation of the Brain with Light
[2024] - Taken - Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Neuron Recordings and Stimulation
[2024] - Taken - Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Wound Healing
[2024] - Taken - Conformable Microelectrode Arrays for Electrical Mapping of the Heart
Analysis of 3D right ventricular shape from echocardiography
Volumetric photoacoustic imaging of kidney
Conditioning Navier-Stokes based velocity field regularization with sparse high-fidelity data
[2023] Current driver circuit for power-efficient neural stimulation
[2023] Patch clamp experiments on activation behavior of cortical neurons to electrical stimulation
[2024] Ultrasound-guided Ultrasound Neuromodulation
[2021] Body Coupled Communication for Microscale Implants
[2020] Body-coupled communication to enhance IMD security
[2022] External electronics for ultrasonically powered stimulators
[2021] Network of individually addressable ultrasonically powered implants
[2024] Smart transparent electrode array for electroceuticals
[2022] Ultra-Flexible Active-Matrix Electrophysiology Arrays for Neural Interfacing
[2024] Active neural interfaces for Bioelectronic Medicine (MSc project at Fraunhofer)
Designing an implantable sensor to measure the eye pressure
A biodegradable hernia post-operative monitoring implant
Hernia post-operative monitoring
Development of a fully coupled FEA-based transducer model
Development of a MEMS microphone lumped element model
Photoacoustic techniques for plaque detection
Nonlinear material models for transducer membranes
[2020] Ammonia & humidity sensors
Self-test for IR Sensors
CMOS-based Hall sensor without offset
The effect of fast microbubble motion on contrast pulse sequences
Medical applications for custom-fit wireless headsets
A biodegradable device for measuring tissue vitality in internal wounds healing
Ex-Situ Heart Perfusion (ESHP) sensor
Deciphering multispectral optical signals exposed on a capacitive CMOS platform
Capacitive CMOS platform to monitor multispectral optical signals
Detection of prostate cancer in urine
Designing a Transparent Gel-Based Hand Pressure Sensor Mat supported
Designing and Validating a Hand Pressure Sensor (Hardware and Software)
[2020] Unobtrusive monitoring of internal bleeding
Modelling for fontain circulation in congential heart disease
ECTMPower module heat sink optimisation
Optimising RF spectroscopy for multi-layer spectrum extraction in organ-on-chip applications
Multi-sensor integration for broadband dielectric spectroscopy of Organ-on-Chip devices
MEMS design and micro-fabrication for watches
A More Integrated Fabrication Flow for a Bio-inspired Hair-like Airflow Sensor on a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Fabricating high-resolution flip-chip interconnects by step & stenc
Graphene-based sensors
Graphene-based gas sensor with integrated microheater
On Package Food Decay Indicator
High-throughput assembly of mini/microLED display panels
Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Dynamic On-Resistance of GaN Power Semiconductors
Structural Design and Fabrication of Stretchable Mini-LED Array
Flip-chip interconnect by use of in-substrate embedded heaters
Next-Generation Accelerated Reliability Test Method
Advanced nanosilver sintering technology for electric vehicle's power module
Reliability tests and Failure mechanisms of SiC power devices
In situ sintering kinetics of nano/micro-scale particles
From Microstructure Image to Property: establish the process-structure-property relationship for a new interconnect material
Development of a capacitance sensor with interdigitated electrodes to monitor the curing process of EMCs
Smart power package
Control electronics for soft actuator to stimulate cardiac cells in-vitro
Wafer-level fabrication of transparent 3D microelectrode arrays
Digital-input Class-D audio amplifier
48V to 1V power converters for data centers in monolithic GaN technology
Self-calibrated precision amplifiers
Low-power CMOS image sensor
Current sensing in power electronics
Perovskite-based MultiLED through band-gap modulation
EIMagneto-mechanical micro-antenna for implantable devices
Conformable CMOS-based implantable array for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Electro-optical device for ultra-low power communication
[2024] Projects with Prof. Makinwa
Interference cancellation schemes for radar applications (NXP)
RF Digital-to-analog Converters (NXP)
Low-latency Interleaved SAR ADC (NXP)
Broadband sigma-delta modulation (NXP)
Broadband frequency dependent calibration (NXP)
Broadband analog delay filter and amplifier (NXP)
Current and state-of-the-art techniques of High dynamic range
Next-gen/beyond the state-of-the art electron detectors for various SEM applications.
[2023] A Programmable High-Voltage Pulser for Miniature Ultrasound Probes
[2023] A Compact Noise-Shaping SAR ADC for Smart Ultrasound Probes
[2023] A compact ultrasound low-noise amplifier with built-in time-gain compensation
[2023] 3D Integration and Packaging Schemes for Smart Ultrasound Devices
[2023] Power management circuitry for battery-powered ultrasound patches
[2023] A transceiver ASIC for a wearable ultrasound patch
[2023] Data reduction by mixed-signal processing of ultrasound echo signals for wearable ultrasound devices
[2023] Shape Sensing for Flexible Ultrasound Transducer Arrays
Design of Crystal-less Transceiver
Heartbeat measurement in wireless music headsets by infrared detection
A system for blood analysis of newborns using Microneedles
Blood viscosity sensor for point-of-care medicine
[2024] Self-power in-roller sensor systems for wind turbine generators
Proximity sensor
Audio amplifier design in GaN technology
Sensor readout ASIC in SiC technology
Low-power readout ASIC for strain sensor array in biomedical applications
Digital-input class D amplifier
[2024-25] Custom project in AI hardware accelerators and neuromorphic computing
Actuation of graphene membranes through surface acoustic waves
Particle sensor for air pollution monitoring
Passive sensors for the Internet of Things
MEMS microfluidic resonator to characterize microplastics in water
Magneto-mechanical micro-antenna for implantable devices
Ultrasound transducer for automotive applications
[2024-25] Strained Hall Effect for Harsh Environment Sensing
[2024-25] Strained Hall effect for high-performance magnetometry
[2024-25] High speed UV photodetectors for EUV lithography
[2024-25] Circuit readout of 3D Hall device
[2024-25] 3D Hall effect magnetometer using a positive pyramid structure
ELCA[2022] Fully passive low-noise amplifiers
[2022] Wake-Up Receiver for Low-Power Internet of Things Applications
[2022] A Low-Power Sub-GHz WiFi Receiver
[2022] Charge-Sampling Fractional-N PLL (SiTime)
[2022] Design of a Cryogenic Isolator and MUX for Quantum Computers
[2022] Low-Phase-Noise VCO for Sub-10fs-Jitter PLL (SiTime)
[2022] a Reference-less Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) Block for Wireline Applications
[2024] OpenWiFi-DPD: An Open-Source Digital Pre-distortion In-the-loop Wi-Fi Demonstrator
SPSDigital processing for large pixel array 3D-TOF systems
Towards brain-inspired AI hardware

Thesis examples

BE 2024 Kutucu CerenA biodegradalble optical filter and photodetector for monitoring oxygen in living tissue
Hsukang ChenArtifact-Free Neurostimulator with Arbitrary Waveform Generation for High-Channel, High-Density Bidirectional Neural Interfaces
Ronald WijermarsAn Optimised Approach to Wireless Power Transfer for an Artificial Retina Implant
2023 Yuan LeiAn Area- and Energy-Efficient Ultrasonic Pulser Based on Self-timed Stepwise Charging
Remy ZhangA Novel Neural Recording IC with Adaptive Gain Control for Wide-Dynamic Range Closed-Loop Neural Interfaces
Xinyu LiuCold Start for energy harvester with piezo transducer
Niels van DammeThe integration of bulk PZT transducers in a microfabricated cuff implant for Vagus Nerve ultrasound neuromodulation: Simulation, design and fabrication
Chunyan XueWearable Ultrasonic Vagus Nerve Stimulator
Yihao ZhangAn Energy-Efficient High-Voltage Pulser for 2D Ultrasound Phased-Array Transmitters
Widesh GaharA Lamb wave-based liquid sensor for biomedical applications
2022 Hankai YangAn 11-bit 2MS/s column parallel SAR-RAMP ADC for ToF imager readout
Cyril WeustinkAlways-on wireless ear-EEG to monitor brain activity
Bauke MeekesEnergy Harvesting PMIC Design for an Extended Power Range
Marvin ExaltoCompact Neural Amplifier for Next-Generation Brain-Machine Interfaces
Yidi XiaoEnergy-Efficient High-Voltage Driver for High-Frequency Ultrasound Medical Applications
2021 Berend KoeleIntegrating Ultrasound Neuromodulation and Imaging. A System Concept for a Non-Invasive Image-Guided Vagus Nerve Stimulator
Jasper RietveldPASiC Ammonia Sensor Design: On Modelling the PASiC Layer, Electrode Designs and Device Fabrication
Aitor del Rivero CortázarMicroelectronic design of a pseudo voltage clamp for a 0.18um CMOS-based mesoscale neural interface for intracellular in-vitro recording and stimulation
Joey van RijnNear-Realtime Low Power Epileptic Seizure Detection Using ANNs
Olmar van BeurdenIlluminance Calculation Algorithm and Hardware for Simultaneous Sensing and Energy Harvesting Using Solar Cell Harvester at Maximum Power Point
Ishaan GhoshCMOS driving channel for ultrasonic neurovascular stent
Xinyu YangUltrasound Transmitter for Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Emmanouil (Manos) KandilakisUltra-Low Energy Time-Mode ADC with Background Calibration for Biomedical Sensing Applications
2020 Francesc VarkevisserA Charge Controlled Switched-Voltage Mode Neurostimulator
Shuang WangAn ultrasound receiver channel for vagus nerve imaging
Asli YelkenciA 16-Channel CMOS Reconfigurable Recording Unit for Simultaneous In-Vitro Microelectrode Array and Current-Clamp Measurements
Caitlin RamseySafety Investigation of Millimeter Wave Radar to Monitor Vital Signs in the NICU
Shengjie ChenA 3-by-3 400-MHz LC microsensor array for wireless capacitive biosensing
Gayatri AgarwalPVT Tolerant Transconductor for Low-Voltage Highly-Selective High-Frequency Filter of MRI Front-end Receiver
Brian NanhekhanPWM-based Transthoracic Bioimpedance Analyzer for Detecting Heart Failures
Pedro Gaizka Zufiria GerbolesAn Efficacious and Safe Multichannel Neurostimulator Powered by an Ultrasonic Wireless Link
Tim HosmanHigh-density interconnect technology optimised for flexible implants
Alberto Gancedo ReguilonDesign and Analysis of a General Purpose Biosignal Acquisition System
2019 Anirudh Kumar ParagENMOS - Energy Module for Self-Sustainable Wearable Sensors
Aurojyoti DasMultichannel LC ADC to Record Atrial Electrograms
Yashwanth Sai Reddy VyzaCapacitive Microelectrode Arrays for In-Vitro Analysis of Neural Activity
Luc van WietmarschenEnergy harvesting on the human body -- Hybrid charge pump design for cold start compatibility and high efficiency harvesting with minimal footprint
Marc BisschopResistive Matching using an AC Boost Converter for Efficient Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transfer
Koen EmmerAnalysing the performance of KHFAC nerve block stimulation parameters
Gandhika WardhanaA Flexible Transparent Graphene Electrode Array for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Rats
2018 Gerard Baquer GómezOptimal stimulation waveform for efficacious high-frequency block of the pudendal nerve with minimized electrochemical damage: A computer simulation optimization approach
Dieuwert MulStochastic Resonance Analog-to-Digital Conversion -- 1-Bit Signal Acquisition Employing Noise
Tim SteunebrinkLow-power low-cost readout electronics for inductive vital-sign measurements
Ali KaichouhiIQ Offset and Gain Mismatch Compensation for Phase-Domain ADC
Minghui LiuPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring On Multiple Subjects
2017 Lichao WuDesign of a Pipeline Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) Suitable for Transducer Array Channel Multiplexing
Ernesto Gonzales HuamanA Low-Complexitry CMOS Receiver for UWB Signals
Hongming YuStructured Design of an External NMOS based Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
2016 Yang Jiang8uW to 1mW Input Power Management IC Design for RF Energy Harvester
Yao LiA 0.6V Low Noise Current Generator for Bio-Impedance Measurements in 40nm CMOS
Qiuyang LinA 0.6V, 1 uW, Low-Power Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG/BioZ measurement in 40nm CMOS
Samprajani RoutStructured Electronic Design of High-Pass ∆Σ Converters and their application to cardiac signal acquisition
Ide SwagerPassive Wireless ECoG Monitoring on Multiple Subjects
Joost KerpelsIn vivo multicell inferior olivary recordings: alternative design methods for creating cheap and flexible electrode structures
Matthijs WeskinA compact multi-electrode system to measure in vivo electrical activity in the olivocerebellar system -- measuring sub-threshold oscillations and action potentials spatially and over time
2015 Sander FondseSWEAT: Sleeping Wireless Energy Transfer And Trickle Charger
2014 Jialue WangDesign of a Boost DC-DC Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications in 40nm CMOS Process
Menno VastenholtA Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication
2013 Luis Carlos GutierrezAnalysis and Design of MHz-range Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Implantable Devices
Eric MuijsA CMOS Temperature Compensated Log-Amp Detector
2010 Mark StoopmanA Sub-GHz UWB Pulse Generator for Wireless Biomedical Communication
Cees-Jeroen BesA front-end for sensing the stimulation and response of auditory nerve cells
Senad HiseniUltra Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Extracellular Action Potential Detection
2009 Marijn Van DongenA versatile output stage for implantable neural stimulators
Y. ShamsaLC Ladder Based Orthonormal Filter for Impulse-Radio UWB Pulse Generation.
S. Al-AhdabAn Ultra Low Power Fully Integrated Sensor Interface IC for Pacemakers
M.A. GrashuisA fully differential switched capacitor wavelet filter
S. WangA 10-bit 25Msps Pipeline ADC for Companding Baseband Processing in Wireless Application
ECTM 2024 Tibbe van der BiezenBackside contacting of individual signals in multilayer ICs for chip forensics
Ceren KutucuA biodegradable optical filter and photodetector for monitoring oxygen in living tissues
Samhitha DuvvuriThe BioThing - A Biodegradable Microphone for Monitoring Biodiversity
2023 Mingshuang ZhangMulti-bit IDAC input Class D Amplifier
Keyu WuHigh Performance Digital-input Class-D Amplifier
Laveena ManjunathA Capacitive Hair-like MEMS Airflow Sensor for Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles
Zhenhua ZhangInductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching of high aspect ratio structures on 4H-SiC for MEMS applications
Jing PanDead Time Control Circuit in Monolithic GaN Class D Audio Amplifier
Bingyan XuOptimization of a plasma etching machine for failure analysis of semiconductors
Chieh WangWarpage analysis on power module ceramic substrates
Haochun FanDual Voltage and Current Feedback Class-D Amplifiers with High LC Filter Cut-off Frequency and Nonlinearity Suppression
Letian ZhangUnderstand the Physics of Solder Joint Degradation in Board Level Reliability Vibration and Thermal Cycle Test
Georgios SpernovasilisDesign and fabrication of smart vaporizing liquid microthruster for Cubesat applications
2022 Tom SaldenDesign, Production and Characterisation of an LPCVD-Based Poly-Silicon Carbide Pressure Sensor for Extreme Environments
Rami YounisHV power MOSFET embedding
Mustafeez Bashir ShahVacuum Sealing of MEMS Cavities using Nanoparticle Sintering
Filippo PfaifferTowards a read-out for capacitive displacement sensor in an engineered heart tissue device
Sai Sandeep LollaUltrasound Tracking and Data Telemetry using CMUTs.
Michaël ChengshangTemperature sensor based on 4H Silicon Carbide Bipolar Junction Transistor with Measurement Range up to 400 Degree Celsius
Esad BeydilliSpark Ablated Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing
Nikhil GuptaRoute towards large thin power Mosfet die mechanical robustness
Weiping JiaoA combined vertical interconnect/underfill process for high density I/O flip chip bonding
Jinglin LiThreshold instability and trap modelling in SiC MOS capacitor
Bram den OudenDesign and characterization of an implantable system for shock free cardiac rhythm control
Hanxing MengGas Sensor Based on Array of Multi-Layer Graphene Decorated with Metal/Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Leonardo Di PaolaWafer-Scale Fabrication of Graphene-Based Condenser Microphones
2021 Shuhan YangDesign of moisture vapor pressure sensor for popcorn failure analysis in molding compound
Secil SansevenDesign and Realization of A Lensless CMOS Image Sensor for Light Source Tracking
Lovro IvančevićOoC-integrated impedance spectroscopy for blood-brain barrier integrity analysis
Shreyas ShankarHigh aspect ratio surface micro-machining using carbon nanotubes
Chinghsuan ChouBoard Level Vibration Testing and Qualification for Automotive Application
Shivendra Kaushik ChilaganiAnalysing the properties and applications of wafer-scale mono-layer graphene
Denver DesouzaThermal Analysis of Cu Pillars
Shanliang DengAdvanced optoelectronics driver system for biomedical applications
2020 Joshua Teye3D Robotic Ultrasound System
Yaqian ZhangExperimental study on electromigration by using Blech structure
Tim de RijkA 3D microelectrode array to record neural activity at different tissue depths
2019 Jiarui MoModelling, Design, and Fabrication of High-Temperature Compatible Vacuum Gauges in Silicon Carbide
Aoibhinn Larkin ReddingtonNoninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring: Left Ventricular Pressure-Volume Loop Reconstruction
Raghutham RameshaA Complete Overview on Realizing Transfer-free Graphene-based Differential Pressure Sensor
Roel StortelderLab-on-a-chip for individual cell response to light stimulation
Bart KootteOptimization of microporous PDMS membranes for Organ-on-Chip devices
Ziqiao HuangMEMS Switches Fabricated by Carbon Nanotubes with Silicon Carbide Coating
Alisher KurmanbayDesign, fabrication and characterization of a MEMS-based microheater for a vaporizing liquid microthruster
2018 Rajarshi SinhaA CMOS process compatible Charge-modulated FGFET based ion-sensor for integration into Organ-on-Chip platforms
Diane WuFabrication and Reliability Study of Parylene-Ceramic Based Flexible Interconnects For Implantable Devices
Hanieh MastyaniIntegration of a local drug delivery system in a micro-fabricated Brain-on-Chip device
Arshaad Ishrat KanhaiFlexible parylene-platinum based electrodes and interconnects
Himabindu KopallyA new experimental approach to investigate the physics-of-failure of wirebond interconnects
Sander Van DijkIntroduction of Zener Diodes, JFETs and DMOSTs in a BiCMOS Process and Implementation of OTP Memory
Levar GoossensUltra-Thin Integrated Atomic Layer Deposition Alumina Electron-transparent Windows for Nanoreactor Applications
Sarat Shankar SinhaOptimization of LPCVD-SiNx Membranes for Micro-hotplate/Nano-reactors
Joost RomijnDesign and Integration of Graphene Sensors with Read-Out Electronics
Affan Kaysa WaafiFabrication and Characterization of PEDOT coated Microelectrodes Array for Organ-on-Chip Application
2017 Manvika SinghSuspended graphene membranes for electrostatically actuated graphene resonators
Dong Bin CaiFabrication and characterization of High aspect ratio MEMS Electrochemical Sensor
Shengtai ShiEffects of Silicon Oxides as Substrates for Graphene Gas Sensor
Shinnosuke KawasakiSilicon based device for smart assessment of cellular stiffness
Tianyi JinInvestigation On Viscoplastic Properties Of Au-Sn Die-Attach Solder
Michel Sebastiaan Van der KaayHigh Density Flexible Interconnect for Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments
Maryam Ahmadi NaminNano-copper paste filled vertical interconnects
2016 Sri Harsha AchantaWafer Level Packaging With Nano Metal Paste Interconnects For UV-C LEDs
Brahim El MansouriA Miniaturized Temperature Controlled Capacitive MEMS Transducer for MOF based Gas Sensing Applications
Shiva DaharA New Method For Fabrication of Medical Microfluidic Devices
James MugandaEmbedded MicroChannels and their Application in Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments
Ifigeneia ZachariouImplementation of a passive millimeter wave identification antenna on Kapton film for human presence detection
2015 Ramin BarakAddressing large-scale qubit arrays for quantum computer
Sotiris ThomasAn Evaluation of Silicon Carbide Based Bimorph Actuators for Optical Coherence Tomography Applications
Yingjie ShenFlexible Interposer Based on Carbon Nanotubes and PDMS Composite
Jian LiWafer Scale Flexible Interconnect Fabrication for Heterogeneous Integration
Hengqian YiThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Yiwen ChenT12 Electromagnetic Ballast Modeling And Retrofit LED Tube Driver Design
Nikolas GaioFabrication and Characterization of an Upside-down CNT MEA
2014 Yorick CariseyLow temperature fine pitch vertical wafer level interconnection using copper nanoparticles
Teng MaMonolithic integration of light sensor readout system for multi-functional LED wafer-level packaging based on BICMOS process
Manjunath Venkatesh RamachandrappaMonolithic Integration of Rectifiers and Drivers for low power SSL applications on a Rigid to Flex Substrate
Lalit KumarOpto-elecronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Xingyu LiuPrinted graphene and silicon
Yi LiuNano Optomechanical Read-out for Microcantilever Sensors
Hengqian YiThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Lalit KumarOpto-electronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Yelena GrachovaCVD of Single Layer Graphene at Wafer Scale: Study of Different Catalytic Materials
Sourish BanerjeeSuper-growth of CNTs based on ZrN for TSV application
Berend van MeerDesign of Cytostretch Skin A human cell based stretchable, flexible and mass-producible skin tissue model for drug development
2013 R. SokolovskijFoldable 3D Wafer Level SSL Package Using Flexible Interconnect
A. DamianLow Temperature Wafer Bonding Based on Copper Nanoparticle Sintering for 3D Interconnect Fabrication
Walter VerloopResonant Air Quality Sensor
Alice XuLow Temperature Fabrication of SiO2 Films Using Liquid Silicon
Dhariyash RathodVerification of the non-local avalanche current model in mextram for advanced SiGe HBTs
2012 Raj VadirajHigh Frequency readout scheme for Graphene based NEMS
Miki TrifunovicSingle-Grain Silicon TFTs on a Plastic Substrate by Doctor Blade Coating of Cyclopentasilane
Ankur SharmaFlexible Smart Display with Integrated Graphics Rasterizor using Single Grain TFTs
2011 Sheng Jie LiMicro-Fluidic MEMS for Micro-Particle Filtration
Aashini GulatiA Micro Surgical Instrument for Age Related Macular Degeneration
Ting YanIntegrated water cooling for HIFU prostate ablation
B.S. HauDesign & Modeling of a MEMS Contact-mode Piezoresistive Detector for Pull-in Acceleration Sensing
Amir NaeimiOLED Display with Single Grain Si TFT. (SG-TFT)
2010 Gokulray ChandramohanElectrical characterization of MEMS microphones
Jie ShenNovel Application of Imprinting Lithography for Multi-bit Ferroelectric Memories
Yunlong HouAluminum Nitride and Chromium Nitride Thin Films for Strain Gauge Application
J. YangReliability study of the Floating Gate Based Embedded Non_Volatile Memory (eNVM)
J. ZhangDesign and Fabrication of On-Chip Cooling Devices Based on the Peltier Effect
M. CanEdgeless Silicon Sensors
2009 D. Oludare OyediranGrowth of Thin Film Microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
S. VollebregtCarbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
J. HaoSilicon MEMS Micro-Evaporator
N.T. BokerPrototyping of a Stretchable Microelectrode Array for Cardiotoxicity Drug Screening
Theo VerhaarPattern transfer on vertical cavity sidewalls using SU8
2008 Ruoxuan LiTapered through silicon via etching and filling for 3D integration
EI 2023 Jinhuang LinA Configurable Digital Neuromorphic Hardware Generator for Heterogeneous Computing
Lorenzo PesActive dendrites for continual learning in a time-to-first-spike spiking neural network architecture
Xinhu LiuHeterogeneous computing with spiking-neural-network acceleration in a RISC-V-based system-on-chip
Shuangmu LiA Hybrid-Hysteresis-CFM Control Method Recursive Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with ripple reduction and load transition enhancement
Douwe den BlankenMeta-learning for few-shot on-chip sequence classification
Zhaofeng ShenLow-cost multi-core on-chip learning schemes
Yufeng YangEvent-Driven Graph Neural Network Accelerators for Low-Power Vision
Ningchao LinA High-Efficiency 4-Phase Series-Parallel Resonant Switched-Capacitor 48-to-3 V DC-DC Converter
Tianyu WangA 10-bit Digital to Time Converter with a Phase Noise Filter
Fengwei ZhanHigh-speed asynchronous digital interfaces: Exploiting the spatiotemporal correlations of event-based sensor data
Haoran GongA High-Efficiency 2-Switch Bipolar Boost Converter with PV-assisted Startup Voltage for the Bipolar Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Avish GuptaA Flow-to-Digital Converter based on a Thermal-Sigma Delta Modulator
Yi-Jan ChiuHigh Conversion Ratio Hybrid Boost Converter
Wenyu PengA 70-V integrated SSHC rectifier for triboelectric energy harvesting with duty-cycle-based MPPT
2022 Öykü TanselMultiplexed thermal-diffusivity-based temperature sensors
Yu-Chieh TaiOn-chip Temperature Compensation with a Reference Voltage Method for CMOS Image Sensors
Xiaomeng AnA Compact Temperature-Stable RC Frequency Reference
Nick LombardoHigh-Dynamic-Range, Low-Power Digital-Input Direct-PWM Class-D Amplifier
Tianyi LiuAn Ultrasound Receiver ASIC with Slow-time Feedback for Transcranial Doppler Imaging
Victor Pecanins MartinezA power-efficient Delta-Sigma ADC with a passive input stage for audio applications
Pim LindemanContactless Inductive Power and Data Transfer
Mohammed Abo AlaineinA High Speed DAC Architecture for Continuous Time Pipeline ADC
Shurui LiuA 3-Mode Wide Operational Range Reconfigurable Regulating Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer
Ziyang YuanA Hybrid Step-Up DC-DC Converter and A VCSEL Diode Driver
Alexandru MateiFully Integrated Compact and Scalable Linear Voltage Regulator for Power Control Integrated Circuits
Jixuan MouA Monolithic Photoplethysmogram (PPG) Sensor
Zhelun ChenThe Sensor Roller: A Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Roller in a Bearing for Self-Sustained IoT Sensors
Zakaria AbdellaouiReliable wireless data transfer for smart sensor shorts in football
Yuan HuaHigh efficiency, highly integrated DC-DC converter for 48V data centers with standard CMOS and GaN devices
Dongjin SonSPAD-based Light Detection and Ranging for 3D imaging: Receiver operation and in-pixel TDC design for automotive application
Mingzhe Chen1D-TOF: System modeling, processing algorithm design and implementation
Ruizhi WangA 10-mV-Startup-Voltage Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting System Based on a Piezoelectric Cold Starter
Qi LuA Dynamically Reconfigurable Recursive Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with Adaptive Load Ability Enhancement
Yige LiWide Dynamic-range Low-power current-mode Optical Sensor Readout
Emre KanliA Capacitively-Coupled Autozeroed and Chopped Operational Amplifier
Guo XuTime-to-Digital Converter for Low-Power Direct Time-of-Flight System
Junjie WangGΩ Resistor for AC-coupled Amplifier in Audio Application
Zhuohui FuA Class-D amplifier architecture to compensate for the instability problem due to the LC filter variation
Wouter KragtWideband Hybrid pipeline ADC
Qian WangA Low-Noise Transimpedance Amplifier for Ultrasound Imaging with 40 dB Continuous-Time Gain Compensation
Ignacio Garcia EzquerroLow Power Bluetooth Baseband with a RISC-V Core for Autonomous Sensors using Chisel
Aravind BuduguppaA compact temperature switch for automotive applications
Miloš GruborDigital backend for a resistor-based Wien Bridge temperature sensor
2021 Shubham MehrotraA Continuous-Time Zoom ADC for Audio Applications based on a High-Linearity OTA and a 4-bit SAR ADC
Nandor TothAn energy-efficient BJT-based temperature sensor with a continuous-time readout
Jianing XingAn Amplitude-Tunable Bipolar High-Voltage Pulser Using a Unipolar Supply for Ultrasound Applications
Shrinidhi SharmaA Bootstrapped ESD Structure for CMOS Amplifiers with femtoampere leakage current
Vassiliy ShuverovTransceiver design for reciprocal operation of ultrasonic flow measurement systems
Nuriel RozsaChopper PWM-Based Class-D Amplifier
2020 Arvind VijayakumarOn-chip Switched-Capacitor DC-DC converter for CMUT Biasing
Angqi LiuA Fully-Passive Noise-Shaping SAR for use in a Zoom ADC
Jelle TamsA combined time-gain compensation low-noise amplifier for ultrasound imaging applications
Mohamed SaadA Continuous-Time BJT-Based Temperature-to-Digital Converter
Dayang XiaoAn integrated high-voltage pulser with improved HD2 and programmable amplitude
Matthew Al DisiSingle Electron Readout Circuit
Dennis KaandorpFully Integrated CMOS Noise Thermometer
Xianglong MengDesign of A Readout System for a Low Leakage Soil Water-Content Sensor
Wencong XuA Surface EMG System: Local Muscle Fatigue Detection
2019 Mengxin YuA load-modulation digital data link for miniature ultrasound probes
Shardul RautmareA Programmable Temperature Switch
Efraïm ElandA Dynamic Zoom ADC for Audio Applications
Shubham KhandelwalA True Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Amplifier
Matheus Ferreira PimentaA PLL-based eddy current displacement sensor for button applications
Daguang LiuElectrothermal Filters for No-Trim Temperature Sensors
Miao ZhangUltra-Low Idle Power Class-D Amplifier
Thomas JohnGalvanic Isolation Communication Link
Rishabh NagarkarAn ASIC with Bipolar High-Voltage Transmit Switching for a Single-Cable Intra-Vascular Ultrasound Probe
Qiyou JiangA low-noise amplifier for ultrasound imaging with continuous time-gain compensation
Swarna NarayananSynchronization Of Wireless Accelerometer Sensors For Industrial Application
Vincent van HoekAn Ultra-Low Power Temperature to Digital Converter
Valeria PredaA Compact Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Cristian TatuAn Error Feedback Noise Shaping SAR ADC
Kiren NewadjSkyDowser: An Electromagnetic Geophysical Survey Instrument for Groundwater Detection
2018 Yaonian CuiDesign and Fabrication of on-chip Midinfrared Emitter and LVOF
Mengying ChenA 2.1MHz PWM Based Class D Audio Amplifier
Rushil Kishore KumarAn energy-efficient BJT-based Temperature-digital converter based on a Continuous-Time Readout
Farzad MirzaeiAn Ultrasound Receiver ASIC Employing Compressive Sensing
Dezhi LinAn atto-Farad resolution closed loop impedance measurement bridge for capacitive sensors
Arjan van der KruijtA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor
Guanchu WangMicrostructure for Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Biofuel Composition Measurement
Jinyi LiuDilating Pupil for Prosthetic Eyes Based on Electrowetting
Jiahan LuAn Electrowetting Valve with Air Channel
Ioannis AnastasopoulosMiniaturized conductivity measurement system
Fjola SnaevarsdottirCMOS Image Sensor Design Methodology Applied to Optical Tomography and Neural Networks
2017 Yang LiuA Capacitive Pressure Sensor Interface
Leon LoopikMulti-path ADC for current sensing
Bo JiangMicrostructure for thermal impedance spectroscopy for biofuel composition measurement
Xiaoran LiA low distortion sine wave generator based on resistive DACs
Said HussainiAn ultra-low-power capacitive readout circuit for wake-on-touch applications
Shoubhik KarmakarA Dynamic Zoom ADC for Instrumentation Applications
Hao FanA High-Resolution Capacitance-to-Digital Converter based on Iterative Discharging
Douwe van WilligenA single cable active IVUS probe
Samira AmaniA 15-bit ΔΣ Capacitance-to-Digital Converter For Position Sensing with Electrically Floating Targets
Michele D'UrbinoElement-Level Sigma Delta Modulator for Ultrasound Applications
Yixuan YanVoltage Calibration of BJT Based Temperature Sensor
Costantino LigourasA capacitive fingerprint sensor front-end circuit design
Yixin ShiA Low-Power Area-Efficient SAR-Assisted Hybrid ADC for Ultrasound Imaging
Magda UrsuleanAnalysis and Design of a 2.5GS/s 6-bit SAR ADC with a 3-bit/cycle Resolving Scheme
Wei WuMulti-sensor Read-out Circuit with Temperature, Capacitance and Voltage Sensing Functionalities
Weichen XuLow-Power Readout IC for a PMUT-based bladder scanner
2016 Mingliang TanA Front-end ASIC with High-Voltage Transmit Switching and Receive Digitization for Forward-Looking Intra-Vascular Ultrasound
Luke MiddelburgBio-fuel Composition Sensing: Multi domain spectroscopy to determine the composition of bio-fuel mixtures
Sining PanA High-Resolution Energy-Efficient Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Utsav JainCharacterization of CMOS image sensor
Thije RooijersA Sampled Voltage Reference
Jeroen van DijkAn On-Chip Noise Thermometer
2015 Jan AngevareA Highly-Scalable Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
Rishi BacchuArea-Efficient Readout IC with High Panel Noise Rejection for Capacitive Touchscreens
Owoyinka KoleosoA CMOS Bandgap Temperature Sensor for Cryogenic Applications
Weihan HuA 9-bit 33MHz Hybrid SAR Single-slope ADC
Nikola Radeljic-JakicIntegrated Readout Circuit for Cross-Correlation Based Ultrasonic Ranging
Revanth BellamkondaCombined Capacitance and Temperature to Digital Converter
Wouter BrevetA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor with Corner Heaters
Yanquan LuoA High-Resolution, Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Anuparma KulkarniLow Drift, Wireless Temperature Sensor for Harsh Industrial Applications
Manuel Accel Abarca ProuzaHigh Precision Flow Compensated Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas Sensing with Read-out Circuit
R. ZhangA 1-Mega Pixels HDR and UV Sensitive Image Sensor With Interleaved 14-bit 64Ms/s SAR ADC
Jules MarkenhofIntegrating a Temperature Sensor into a CMOS Image Sensor
Giorgos KarykisA high-resolution self-timed zero-crossing-based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Qilong LiuA mixed-signal multiplexing system for cable-count reduction in ultrasound probes
2014 Pascal ‘t HartCharacterization of the Piezojunction Effect in an Industrial 130nm Process
Luis Edoardo Rueda GuerreroAn Algorithmic Readout Approach for Thermal Conductivity Based CO2 Sensors
Yuming HeCapacitive Sensor Interface Using an Inverter-Based Period Modulator
Kristof BlutmanA Low Power System-on-Chip with Memory Stacked on Top of Logic
Burak GonenA Zoom ADC for dynamic signals
Rui QuanA Highly-Digital Smart Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
A. SelvanSimulation of optic flow based flight control for a flapping wing micro aerial vehicle
Ludovic RousselotAcoustical Monitoring of Model System for Vascular Access in Haemodialysis
J. ZhuThe Design of a Stitched, High-dynamic Range CMOS Particle Sensor
Stephen Van 't HofIn-vitro waveguide system for the detection of Escherichia coli in drain fluid after colorectal anastomotic leakage
2013 Lokesh RajendranDesign of an Energy-Efficient Interface Circuit for a MEMS-based Capacitive Pressure Sensor
Jianfeng WuA Low-Power Thermal Wind Sensor in CMOS Technology
Nandish MehtaSampling time error calibration in Time-interleaved ADCs
Kianoush SouriAn Energy-Efficient, Resistor-based, Smart Temperature Sensor
Yuxin YanAn Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Interface for Resonant Sensors Based On Ring-Down Measurement
Qiang YaoThe design of a 16*16 pixels CMOS image sensor with 0.5 e- RMS noise
Joost van DrielCharacterization of metals for Cochlear Implants
Anirban SahaDesign of Front-End Receiver Electronics for 3D Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography
2012 Chao ChenEnergy-Efficient Self-Timed Zero-Crossing-Based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Umanath KamathDesign of high-resolution photodiode readout circuitry for a bio-implantable continuous glucose sensing chip
Vlad DyachenkoA Low Power 10-bit SAR ADC in a 45nm CMOS process
Shishir GoyalFrequency References Based on the Thermal Diffusivity of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide
Yao ChengEnergy-Efficient Capacitive-Sensor Interface Based on A Multi-Slope ADC
Ajit KalgiA Gm-C based Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator with Compact FIR-DAC
Gaurav PanchananA Sub-1V Bandgap Reference in CMOS
Xiaoliang GeThe design of a global shutter CMOS image sensor in 110nm technology
Yang LiuThe Desigh of a High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor in 110nm Technology
Bharani ChavaA Low-Input Current Chopper Amplifier
Ravi BagreeCharacterization and Design of a Readout Circuit for a Piezoelectric-based Acoustic Disdrometer
Ali FekriA ratio metric analog-to-digital converter for eddy current displacement sensors
2011 Fan GuoEnergy-efficient capacitive-sensor interface based on an incremental Delta-Sigma modulator employing current-starved inverter-based OTAs
Zeng ZengEnergy-efficient readout of resonant sensors
Selcuk ErsoyAn AC-Biased MEMS Microphone Readout Circuit Design
Gaurav SinghA Gm-C Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator with Improved Linearity
Junfeng JiangDesign of a Wide-Bandwidth Magnetic Field Sensor
Sebastian VoorderhakeMicro spectrometer for the measurement of the composition of new gas
Jia GuoDLL Based Single Slope ADC For CMOS Image Sensor Column Readout
Folkert Roscam AbbingLight-Emitting Diode Junction-Temperature Sensing using Various Voltage/Current Measurement Techniques
Kar Fee TangEarly detection of anastomotic leakage using oxygen and carbon dioxide sensor
2010 N. SarhangnejadHigh-precision Sigma-Delta Modulator with improved linearity
Onur KayaA Precision RC-locked Oscillator
S. ChenSurface-Micromachined Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors For Hydrogen Detection
Saket SakuniaPing-Pong-Pang Instrumentation Amplifier
C. MaPixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensors
M. GeljonExcitation and readout of a thermally driven time-domain optical coherence tomography system
Y. JiajianTime-Gain-Compensation Amplifier for Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
C. LiuA Double-mode Linear Imaging System for IC-compatible Microspectrometers in Visible Light
2009 A. ChengDesign of a Readout Scheme for a MEMS Microphone
A.D.H. TierolfMicrochip electrophoresis for UVC-induced DNA damage assessment
Kamran SouriAn Energy-Efficient Smart Temperature Sensor for RFID Applications
Xiaodong GuoInvestigation on Capacitive Sensor Interface with Improved Immunity to External Interference
Y. XuCharge Domain Interlacing CMOS Image Sensor Design
P.J. NganaDesign, Modeling and Simulation of a 52MHz MEMS Gyroscope Device in 1.5um SOI
ELCA 2024 David DenekampA 3.15 GHz Digital Class E Load-Modulated Balanced Amplifier
2023 Maciej NawrockiResistor-Based Digital-to-Analog Converters
Lunan GuA design of ultra-low phase noise CMOS oscillator based on series-resonance
Lianbo LiuDesign of N-way DPAs/LMBAs for broadband and low-loss applications
Heqi DengA Wideband Low-power Gyrator-enhanced Electrical Balance Duplexer For IR-UWB Transceiver
Aschraf GardouhA 10Gb/s PI-CDR design
Ossama El BoustaniCMOS Drivers for RF-DACs
Erwin AllebesA Doherty-Like Class-G HoC SCPA With Deep Power Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement
Lars GellingPath planning for Lunar Rovers
2022 Hrishi Narayanan KothandaramanModelling & Evaluation of EM Effect of Metal Fills used in IC Technology
Simon VerkleijDesign of an Active N-Path Filter for 5G mm-wave Receivers
Jiang LiuAn Energy-Efficient High-Speed Full-Duplex IR-UWB Transceiver For Joint Radar and Communication (RadCom)
Tariq AzizA Highly-Linear Low-Power Down-Conversion Receiver for Digital Transmitter’s Error Detection
Pieter van der KampReciprocal mixing and inherent nonlinearity in N-path filters
Jelle BoeleCMOS magnetic field sensor using a pick-up loop: for measuring electric currents
Chenyan ZhangStructure electronic design of a crystal filter for high accuracy multi-mode crystal oscillator
Atharva DeshpandeA Highly Linear I/Q-Interleaving DDRM
2021 Lennart de JongA 10Gb/s Cryogenic Clock and Data Recovery System with Low Jitter
Praneetha SannidhanamA novel frequency-tracking loop based on sub-Nyquist samplers for a wide locking range and fast locking
Richard Coesoij5G mm-Wave Downconverter: Architecture for the Antenna Dome System
Gilbert HardemanA highly linear downconverter for on-chip linearization of digital power amplifiers
Chenyan ZhangStructure electronic design of a crystal filter for high accuracy multi-mode crystal oscillator
2020 Madhumitha JayavelDesign and implementation of a Low Power Mixer-first Receiver for IEEE 802.11ah standard
Bagas PrabowoCharacterization and Design of a Cryogenic CMOS Receiver for Superconducting and Spin Qubit Readout
Anil Kumar KumaranA Linear and Efficient Power Amplifier for WiFi
Jun FengA 10 Gbps Wireline Transceiver Link To Interface
2019 Prabhav ManchandaCURALF: CUbesat for Radio Astronomy at Low Frequencies
Armin ŠabanovićLow-SNR Operation of FSK Demodulators
Charlotte TreffersDesign of a wideband low-power low noise transconductance amplifier for sub-GHz IoT applications
Sarthak SharmaDesign of Wide Range Injection Locked Bang-Bang Phase Locked Loop for Dielectric Spectroscopy
2018 Sunil SheelavantDesign of Frequency locked loop and Receiver front-end for Burst-Chirp UWB Radar Transceiver for Vital Signs and Occupancy Sensing by monitoring the respiration and heartbeat rate
Amitava GiriEnergy Efficient Wideband Transmitter for Millimeter-Wave 5G System
Bas StijnenA military satellite terminal for S&F
Rob BootsmanPower RF-DAC
Shubham VyasUncertainty Estimation in Vision-Aided Robot Teleoperation System
2017 Xiao WangAn IR-UWB pulse generator based on switched capacitors RF-DAC
Anand RameshHigh Efficiency Power Amplifiers for 77GHz Automative RADARs
Jiang GongAnalysis and Design of a Ring-Oscillator-Based Fractional-N Injection-Locked Digital PLL for IoT Applications
Pengqi ChenDistributed Algorithms Design for Zebro Swarming
Hongming YuStructured design of an external NMOS based linear voltage regulator for automotive applications
Michael PolushkinA Wideband Frequency-Agile Phase Modulator for Digital Polar Transmitters
2016 Bishnu PatraCryogenic frequency generationfor scalable control and read-out of qubits
Lei ChenHigh Efficiency IQ-sharing Transmitter
Vijaya PurushothamanAn Ultra-low power Direct Frequency Demodulator for Bluetooth Smart applications
2015 J.M.M. van der MeulenLinearity Analysis and Enhancement Techniques for the Base-Collector Capacitance Dominated Distortion in Bipolar Amplifiers
Georgios SarrisA medium power 135 GHz power amplifier
2014 Yuan GaoDesign of a Duty-Cycled Fractional-N ADPLL Based on Instantaneous Start-up LC DCO and High-precision DTCs
Lianbo WuAn Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL for BLE Applications
Alan ChenDTC and TDC IC Design for Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL
R.G. VenterA Package Integratable Six Port Reflectometer for RF Power Devices
A. PillaiLNA and Square Law Detector at 60 GHz for Passive Radiometers
Bindi WangEdge-prediction DTC and Clock-gating TDC Design for Ultra Low Power All Digital PLL
2013 Gerasimos VlachogiannakisLow Power, All-Digital Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers for Multi-GHz Applications
Satoshi MalotauxFull-Duplex CMOS Duplexer: Passive self-interference cancellation
Sanganagouda PatilAn Ultra-Linear LNA for Base stations
Vamshi ChillaraAn Ultra-Low-Power ADPLL for WPAN Applications
Jianghai HeWideband High Power Doherty Amplifiers
2012 Mohammadreza MehrpooA Highly Selective, Very Linear Low Noise Transconductance Amplifier Capable of Large-Signal Handling for Current-Mode Receivers Front-End
Yang LiA NMOS Linear Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications
Santosh AstgimathA low noise, low power dynamic amplifier with common mode detect and a low power, low noise comparator for pipelined SAR-ADC
Md. Shakil AkterA Low-Power Class-AB Residue Amplifier for a 12bit 500MS/sec Pipeline ADC with Digital Calibration
Armin TavakolDigitally Controlled Oscillator for WiMAX in 40 nm
2011 Ajay Kumar ManjannaDesign and development of active baseband loadpull system
Wenlong JiangADPLL Design for WiMAX
Jing LiWideband High Power Amplifier Design
S. MotoroiuMulti-band/Multi-Mode RF Front-end Receiver for Basestation Applications
X. ZhangDesign of a Baseband Section for LTE-Advanced Mobile Communiation
Ao BaUltra-low-power Digitally-controlled Oscillator for Event-driven Transmitter
Popong EffendrikTime-to-Digital Converter (TDC) for WiMAX ADPLL in State-of-The-Art 40-nm CMOS
2010 G. MishraAn Oscillator System for a Quadrature Downconversion Auto-Correlation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Receiver
R. SehgalA 12-bit 500MS/s Pipeline Split-ADC
K.I.M.I. Khalaf60GHz front-end receiver chain in 90nm CMOS technology
J. Shen60GHz Quadrature Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Radar Application
X. DengWideband Doherty Power Amplifier Design for Base Station Application
K. ShiA 60W Compact Highly Efficient Wideband Class-E Power Amplifier
Y. WangWideband Class-B Power Amplifiers
B. WuHighly Linear LNA Design for Base Station Applications
R. ZhangDesign Study on the Switched and Linear Operation of Broadband CMOS Class-E Power Amplifiers
R.F. KeareyA high-efficiency switch-mode amplitude modulator for class E power amplifiers in nano-satellites
2009 M.H. SadeghiNew architecture for remote powered wireless transmitter
A. DonmezWideBand PLL as a clock multiplier
L. JiangSignal Up-conversion for Integrated Radar Systems
2008 J. WanDesign of a Distributed Clock Generator for Multiple Power Domain System-on-Chip Integrated Circuits
SPS 2024 Bart HettemaCircuits and Systems for a Spiking Neuromorphic Network in 28 nm CMOS
2023 Tianyu DuDigital self-timed neuron design for Spiking Neuron Networks
Jiongyu HuangOn-chip Self Timed SNN Custom Digital Interconnect System
2022 Jinyao ZhangSelf-timed interconnect for SNN - From Point to Point Communication to Multi-array Segmented-bus Solution
Longxing JiangA New Logarithmic Quantization Technique and Corresponding Processing Element Design for CNN Accelerators
Yichen YangOff-chip Self-timed SNN Custom Digital Interconnect System
Yongkang ZhouModeling of router structure for SNN-applicable NoC definitions
2021 Hanyu MaHardware Spiking Neural Network based Sbox AES
Pai LiPhysical Characterization of Asynchronous Logic Library
Fang YangDesigning Asynchronous Gate Library with new System Level Trade-offs
Shreya Sanjeev KshirasagarMapping of Spiking Neural Network Topologies on Neuromorphic Hardware
2019 Joris CoenenA Highly Concurrent, Memory-Efficient AER Architecture for Neuro-Synaptic Spike Routing
2018 Johan MesDesign Space Exploration of a Neuromorphic ECG Classification System using a Spiking Self-Organizing Map
2017 Andrei ArdeleanEnergy-efficient multipath ring network for heterogeneous clustered neuronal arrays
Jelimo MaswanMultiway Component Analysis for the Removal of Far Ventricular Signal in Unipolar Epicardial Electrograms of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
He ZhangMulti-FPGA Interconnection Simulation
Xuefei YouFull-Custom Multi-Compartment Synaptic Circuits in Neuromorphic Structures
Ester StienstraA 32 x 32 Spiking Neural Network System On Chip
Peter StijnmanTransceive Phase Corrected Contrast Source Inversion-Electrical Properties Tomography
2016 Bahador ValizadehpashaOn-Chip Cryogenic Read-Out of Spin Qubit for Quantum Computers
Rosario IncandelaCryogenic CMOS LNA for RF readout of spin qubits
Preethi PadmanabhanDesign of a Sub-harmonically Injection-Locked TDC Array for Space Applications
Arin ÜlküHigh Resolution, Fully Digital Photon-Counting Image Sensors in DSM CMOS Technologies
Kiki WiriantoMulti-Domain SystemC Model of a Neural Interface
2015 Guozhi XuImplementation of in-situ monitoring techniques for power reduction in smart sensors
Yuteng HaoLow power digital baseband architecture for wireless sensor nodes
Ting GongDevelopment and Characterization of an Endoscopic TOF PET System
Martijn BijwaardScalable Network Based Clock Synchronization for Digital PET System
2014 Dali ZhangLong-range 3D Range Detector Based on Time-correlated Single-photon Counting
Harald HomulleDevelopment of a Multichannel TCSPC System in a Spartan 6 FPGA
Jorn ZimmerlingModeling of wave propagation in open domains: A Krylov subspace approach
Milovan VasicPhysical design of a 3D router: reducing the number of vertical connections and enabling asynchronous operation
2012 Nupur LodhaMonolithic Integration of LEDs and SPADs in Standard CMOS Technology for Optical Joystick Application
J. Rodriguez Rodriguez de GuzmanA general RDE-based simulator for statistical timing analysis
2011 Vashishth ChaudhriFundamentals, Specifications, Architecture and Hardware Towards a Navigation System Based on Radio Pulsars
Priyanka KumarTime-of-Flight 3D Imaging based on a SPAD-TDC Pixel Array in Standard 65 nm CMOS Technology
Guanyu YiHigh-Quality, Real-Time HD Video Stereo Matching on FPGA
Harmen MenningaImplementation, Characterization, and Optimization of an FPGA-based Time-to-Digital Converter
2010 Ashish NigamStandard Cell Behavior Analysis and Waveform Set Model for Statistical Static Timing Analysis
2009 Rahmadi TrimanandaA hierarchically pipelined data acquisition system for single-photon avalanche diode array
Lin Li45nm Extraction and verification flow with SPACE