MSc thesis project proposals

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor. If you see a project of interest, you are interested in one of our research topics, or you have your own idea for a project please contact one of the staff members.

Perovskite-based MultiLED through band-gap modulation

Flip-chip interconnect by use of in-substrate embedded heaters

Fabrication and Characterization of N-doped CVD graphene-based gas sensors for NO2 gas sensing applications

Optimising RF spectroscopy for multi-layer spectrum extraction in organ-on-chip applications

Multi-sensor integration for broadband dielectric spectroscopy of Organ-on-Chip devices

Optimizing the dielectric for superconducting THz detectors

Design and build a test rig for heating packaging material

Smart power package

Low-temperature interconnects: Soft-to-Hard device interconnection

Next-Generation Accelerated Reliability Test Method


Digital-input Class-D audio amplifier

48V to 1V power converters for data centers in monolithic GaN technology

Self-calibrated precision amplifiers

Low-power CMOS image sensor

Current sensing in power electronics

Advanced nanosilver sintering technology for electric vehicle's power module

MEMS design and micro-fabrication for watches

High-throughput assembly of mini/microLED display panels

Power module heat sink optimisation

Control electronics for soft actuator to stimulate cardiac cells in-vitro

Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Dynamic On-Resistance of GaN Power Semiconductors

Reliability tests and Failure mechanisms of SiC power devices

In situ sintering kinetics of nano/micro-scale particles

From Microstructure Image to Property: establish the process-structure-property relationship for a new interconnect material

A More Integrated Fabrication Flow for a Bio-inspired Hair-like Airflow Sensor on a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle

Fabricating high-resolution flip-chip interconnects by step & stenc

Graphene-based gas sensor with integrated microheater

Wafer-level fabrication of transparent 3D microelectrode arrays

Optimization of a plasma etching machine for failure analysis of semiconductors

Structural Design and Fabrication of Stretchable Mini-LED Array

Wafer-scale suspended graphene for sensing applications

Characterization of 4H-SiC Piezoresistive/CMOS Stress Sensors

Characterization of Silicon Piezoresistive Stress Sensors for Thermal-Mechanical Test Chip

Online Thermal Reliability Monitoring During Power Cycling Test by SiC TTC

Resonant Lorentz Force MEMS Magnetometer with Picotesla Sensitivity

Fabrication of graphene-based optical modulator

Reliability of 3D integration flip-chip approach using nanometallic particles sintering

Design of SiC CMOS Integrated Circuit for High-temperature Applications

Actuation of graphene membranes through surface acoustic waves

In this project, you will explore new ways of exploiting the mechanical properties of graphene to build autonomous and compact sensors.

On Package Food Decay Indicator

Health monitoring in electronic drivers

Optimization for failure detection in autonomous driving

Graphene-based sensors